Supplier Management/Procurement Case Studies

Footwear Manufacturer Increases Fill Rates 10-15% with Supplier Collaboration

Challenge: This top-tier athletic footwear manufacturer relied on manually-intensive methods for managing purchase orders and found it difficult to track inbound shipments for complete end-to-end visibility. The company needed quicker access to supplier information and purchase order information with several hundred vendors and factories more efficiently.[more]

Driving Process Efficiency & Transparency by Automating Quality Management

Challenge: A global solution provider for the glass container industry with production locations in Sweden, United States, China and Malaysia wanted to continually drive customer satisfaction and maintain a competitive advantage through established quality initiatives throughout the supply chain. However, the company realized that they were managing critical quality processes with separate regional systems, communicating issues via email, which has resulted in a network of disparate systems that lacked the global visibility needed.[more]

Manufacturer Improves Visibility and Supplier Compliance with BSI's SCM Solution

Challenge: A large manufacturer was spending countless hours updating spreadsheets, reviewing supplier assessments, issuing corrective actions, and trying to track their suppliers' compliance, risk and performance ratings manually. They realized this manual approach wasn't sustainable as they continue to grow and vet additional suppliers. They began looking for a service provider that provided a single solution to help automate their assessment process, and improve their supply chain visibility.[more]

Code Red: Who are your High Risk Suppliers?

Challenge: A large manufacturer was searching for a provider that could offer an end-to-end solution to enhance their supply chain visibility, identify high risk sourcing countries and suppliers, and streamline their global audit and corrective action management program. They turned to us because of our holistic risk management solutions and services.[more]

Improving Accuracy, Visibility and Efficiency with AT&T Fleet Driver Center

Challenge: Inaccurate driver logs were leading to high CSA scores, occurrence of accidents and speeding violations, and creating time-consuming paperwork for Compliance and Safety staff. Dispatch lacked visibility into vehicles' locations in order to dispatch quickly and efficiently. Aggressive driver behaviors were causing accidents and speeding violations. Paper logs were leading to inaccurate driver logs and High CSA scores. Idling, inefficient routing and speeding caused high fuel spend.[more]

Manufacturer Improves Strategic Supply and Demand Chain with Amber Road

Challenge: This global leader in power and automation technologies operates in 100 countries and managed its international trade using a partly decentralized model. However, as the company grew and new trade agreements were ratified, their supply chain became more complex.[more]

Global Food Manufacturer Achieves Significant Supply Chain and Duty Savings

Challenge: This global food manufacturer and distributor is one of the world's largest companies, exporting to over 70 countries. With an eye toward sustainable growth, the company realized their global trade process needed a transformation – manually intensive processes would often lead to inaccurate duty payments, documentation errors, and shipment delays.[more]

National Home Improvement Retailer Halved Transportation Costs with Inbound Pool Points

Challenge: Analyzing historical transportation data revealed a high number of small volume, prepaid shipments from nationwide vendors to the company's West Coast DC. Software modeling suggested that a network of pool points (cross-docking facilities) could yield substantial savings.[more]

Global Marine Engineering Firm Standardizes Procurement of Temporary Crew Positions

Challenge: The sourcing team within a global marine engineering firm was challenged with standardizing its temporary personnel procurement process, specifically for crew staff for its fleet of 100 maritime vessels. As the team collected global requirements, it became clear that a number of factors would add complexity throughout the process, as there were 34 different staffing vendors with multiple compensation frameworks fulfilling the 46 crew positions utilized in 9 geographical regions.[more]

Resilinc Drives Quick Benefits for High Tech and Auto Company

Challenge: A well-known high-tech company got hit hard in the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami a few years ago. The disaster not only negatively impacted the company’s financial results, it did extensive longer-term damage that was harder to repair.[more]

Transforming Sourcing And Supplier Management. It's In Your Grasp.

Challenge: In a highly competitive and dynamic environment, a leading manufacturer of home appliances set out to transform its global sourcing functions with the goals of sustaining quality, maintaining production, and most important of all, preserving profit margins.[more]

We Have Liftoff! Low Cost Country Sourcing Still Viable in 2014C

Challenge: A global $4B Aerospace & Defense manufacturer was challenged by its executive leadership to reduce their product costs to protect profit margins and create greater flexibility in pricing. A cost reduction project was launched, targeting their machined parts, one of their largest direct materials costs.[more]

Hit the Gas! How to Double Your Strategic Sourcing Output

Challenge: A $7B Tier 1 automotive manufacturer determined that its direct materials sourcing processes were inefficient to the point that they were losing potential revenue. Instead of performing strategic sourcing activities for new product introductions, the sourcing team was spending most of its time extracting information from other systems (PLM, ERP), manipulating spreadsheets, and analyzing vast amounts of quote information from their suppliers.[more]

Source Smarter: Cross-Company Consolidation Generates Savings While Reducing Risk.

Challenge: An $8B Aerospace & Defense manufacturer identified that it was sourcing the same or similar specialized fasteners from many suppliers across every division, reducing its ability to attain volume-based discounts and increasing supplier risk and management burden.[more]

26 Independent Energy Facilities Consolidate Procurement Process With Vinimaya

Challenge: A large industrial & manufacturing organization that delivers goods and services to the U.S. Department of Energy was looking to unify a collection of de-centralized procurement processes & systems spread across 26 facilities, each using a different process, supplier community and back-end system - including Ariba, PeopleSoft/Oracle, and SAP. The organization needed to gracefully tie these systems together in order to streamline supplier data management, consolidate supplier rates for goods and services and maximize savings.[more]

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