3PL/Transportation/Warehousing Case Studies

Tracking Inventory in Motion

Challenge: Trading partners need to trust that inventory will arrive when scheduled — particularly during item promotions. Historically, location and arrival time was obtained via driver phone calls. But these projected arrival times didn’t consider traffic and weather conditions, and they were often too optimistic.[more]

Telaid Delivers Precision, Big Savings to Logistics Company

Challenge: Security was a priority for a leading logistics provider designing a large, new facility. The team had outlined a comprehensive physical security solution including IP video with integrated access control along with intrusion detection — all managed via a single video management solution (VMS) interface.[more]

Collaboration, Process and a Sticker Save Big Telecom's Bacon

Challenge: A large telecommunications OEM required revisions to upgrade a power supply (PS) with early life failures in the field. Units were available in the U.S. and EU. There was no way to know systematically what version of the PS was in the units in question — the only information was a sticker on the PS itself. The challenges: contain cost and reduce turnaround time for repair.[more]

Nobody Thinks About Cargo Insurance — Until $1M Goes Up in Smoke

Challenge: The operations vice president of an oil and pipeline construction company recently admitted there was a time when he wondered if his company’s cargo insurance policy was worth it. The company sources goods from around the world, moves cargo by multiple modes and runs a supply chain through some of the world’s most high-risk countries. Thanks to meticulous packing and some good luck, they'd had very few supply chain incidents over 11 years. Until that summer, a few years back. That June, a truckload of welding equipment heading to Moscow caught fire. The $809,000 shipment was a total loss. One month later, a cargo ship carrying two of the company's containers, worth $150,000, caught fire. Those containers were also total losses.[more]

Hyster Meets Brewery's Challenging Keg Line Needs

Challenge: In late 2015, a well-known craft brewery opened a second location with a 250,000-barrel capacity. From the opening, this new location encountered logistical challenges with its packaging and distribution and had distinct needs for its keg line, which was located in a small and tight space. The client looked to Hyster to recommend solutions to streamline the operation. [more]

Intermodal Rail Investment Prepares Port for Higher Cargo Volumes

Challenge: Next generation ships carry more cargo than ever before. How can a port increase throughput in an environmentally sustainable manner while ensuring speed to market at destinations around the country?[more]

Omni-Channel Solution Delivers Significant Margin Improvement

To bring a true omni-channel operation with the ability to fulfil e-commerce, retail, wholesale and outlet-store orders into a single facility — delivering a seamless shopping experience to customers that meets/exceeds service level agreements.[more]

How Supply Chain Visibility Can Yield Results

Challenge: A company looked to identify major cost components associated with a supplier's product pricing. Partnering with its integrated supply chain solutions provider on visibility initiatives, the company collaborated with the supplier and determined that products were shipping from forward storage warehouse locations. The company had no visibility to these underlying logistics costs nor were the warehouse locations optimal for its network. Items were also produced in multiple locations with many inter-plant transfers occurring in the supplier’s network.[more]

For Supply Chain Security, Retailer Looks to Freight Payment

Challenge: As with all companies, fraud and information security were top of mind for this major national retailer. To protect its strategic and competitive advantages – and those of its partners – the retailer needed a payment solution that could also safeguard its supply chain.[more]

New Strategy Accomplishes Customs Compliance and Cost Savings

Challenge: Transit delays and increased inspections by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) caused supply chain disruptions for a leading essential oils wholesaler. CBP requests for information and action had been received, and there were documentation errors. Customs brokerage fees were costly.[more]

Large Retailer Supports Growth and Reduces Costs With New Distribution Center Design

Challenge: After making numerous acquisitions, a large omni-channel retailer and was operating out of three different facilities. The company wanted to reduce costs without compromising service levels.[more]

Orchestrating a Massive Move - Heavy Haul Ocean Transport

Challenge: The Liebherr LR11350 is one of the most powerful cranes in existence. To ship this 1,488 ton load from the factory door in Germany, through the Port of Hamburg and to the Port of Mobile, Alabama, every piece had to move together - which ultimately meant a heavy-haul ocean transport.[more]

KANE Helps Club Store Chain Implement Cross Dock Strategy

Challenge: A major U.S. club store chain wanted a solution for more efficient cross docking.[more]

Automotive OEM Taps Automated Lockers to Help Distribution Hub Run Smoothly

Challenge: When this automotive OEM upgraded the warehouse management system for its largest distribution facility, it knew a better way to manage handheld equipment was needed. There was no way to track equipment and no employee accountability. Scanners were being hidden, lost and damaged almost daily. The cost of managing this valuable equipment increased as productivity decreased.[more]

Yield Savings and Enhance Control of High-Volume Fulfillment Operations

Challenge: A large automotive manufacturer with a complex matrix of products, carriers and customer preferences often found themselves limited to a single carrier for LTL shipments because they did not have an expedient way to source the most economical carrier, which would also satisfy their customers' specific requirements. The client needed a flexible shipping solution that would accommodate all types of shipments within a single system.[more]

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