Retail/CPG/Food Case Studies

Tracking Inventory in Motion

Challenge: Trading partners need to trust that inventory will arrive when scheduled — particularly during item promotions. Historically, location and arrival time was obtained via driver phone calls. But these projected arrival times didn’t consider traffic and weather conditions, and they were often too optimistic.[more]

Telaid Delivers Precision, Big Savings to Logistics Company

Challenge: Security was a priority for a leading logistics provider designing a large, new facility. The team had outlined a comprehensive physical security solution including IP video with integrated access control along with intrusion detection — all managed via a single video management solution (VMS) interface.[more]

Food Manufacturer Cuts Freight Spend by 10 Percent Using Kuebix TMS

Challenge: A large food manufacturer was using an arduous manual process to manage its freight. The company knew something had to change to eliminate extensive paper chasing, faxing, repetitive work and wasted time. But with the high volume of inbound and outbound freight to manage, a time-consuming implementation of a TMS wasn't feasible.[more]

4SIGHT Raises the Bar for Major Retailer: A Tier-1 WMS Success Story

Challenge: A major retailer was experiencing rapid growth combined with increased customer demands.[more]

Hyster Meets Brewery's Challenging Keg Line Needs

Challenge: In late 2015, a well-known craft brewery opened a second location with a 250,000-barrel capacity. From the opening, this new location encountered logistical challenges with its packaging and distribution and had distinct needs for its keg line, which was located in a small and tight space. The client looked to Hyster to recommend solutions to streamline the operation. [more]

Using Integrated Business Planning to Enhance Integration of All Functions

Challenge: A multi-national corporation producing personal care products had several business units struggling to align all functions. Surprises and expediting were part of the management process; long-term visibility was not holistic. Decisions were made in silos without a formal review. A major difference between what was planned and was executed resulted.[more]

Integrated Business Planning As a Process in a Business Turnaround

Challenge: A food company with flat revenue and growth in a five-year period struggled to increase market share and household penetration where expectations and prices fluctuate. Credibility of the forecasts was debated, and plans were not consolidated. Receiving timely, accurate data was a struggle, and a $100m profit gap was projected.[more]

Omni-Channel Solution Delivers Significant Margin Improvement

To bring a true omni-channel operation with the ability to fulfil e-commerce, retail, wholesale and outlet-store orders into a single facility — delivering a seamless shopping experience to customers that meets/exceeds service level agreements.[more]

New Validation Solution Ensures Data Accuracy and Avoids Shipment Delays

Challenge: For a major luxury apparel retailer, missing and inaccurate data in its suppliers' Advance Ship Notices (ASN) caused shipment delays, lost time spent finding and correcting errors, and bad data polluting the retailer's ERP.[more]

How Supply Chain Visibility Can Yield Results

Challenge: A company looked to identify major cost components associated with a supplier's product pricing. Partnering with its integrated supply chain solutions provider on visibility initiatives, the company collaborated with the supplier and determined that products were shipping from forward storage warehouse locations. The company had no visibility to these underlying logistics costs nor were the warehouse locations optimal for its network. Items were also produced in multiple locations with many inter-plant transfers occurring in the supplier’s network.[more]

Global Retailer Maximizes Supply Chain Performance With Improved Collaboration

Challenge: Inconvenienced by manually intensive processes, this global retailer of handbags and accessories recognized the need to transform its internal and external supply chain processes - facilitating the access of information with strategic trading partners, especially raw material suppliers. The company needed to standardize data management processes associated with material management, BOMs, costing collaboration and supplier allocation.[more]

OMP Plus Provides Advanced Supply Chain Planning Solutions for the Dairy Industry

Challenge: One of America's premier food and agricultural cooperatives wanted to improve inventory visibility and take product shelf life into account. It was not just looking for a software vendor, but for a partner that could help the organization tackle the operational challenges that its current and future activities would bring.[more]

For Supply Chain Security, Retailer Looks to Freight Payment

Challenge: As with all companies, fraud and information security were top of mind for this major national retailer. To protect its strategic and competitive advantages – and those of its partners – the retailer needed a payment solution that could also safeguard its supply chain.[more]

Strategic Sourcing and Inbound Transportation Solutions

Challenge: A natural foods distributor had a significant freight spend with specific requirements for each shipment. Because of this and their distribution network, their carrier base was large and consolidated. Each carrier specialized in a certain region of the country, so it was difficult to handle opportunities on a national scale. Because of Veritiv's national footprint, the distributor was interested in partnering with Veritiv™ Logistics Solutions (VLS) for inbound transportation.[more]

Large Retailer Supports Growth and Reduces Costs With New Distribution Center Design

Challenge: After making numerous acquisitions, a large omni-channel retailer and was operating out of three different facilities. The company wanted to reduce costs without compromising service levels.[more]

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