Warehouse/Inventory Management Case Studies

Findchips Pro Enterprise Decreased Product Delays by 48 Percent

Challenge: A company's engineering and sourcing departments were siloed and lacking access to historical information and accurate market data (pricing, availability and risk). The engineering department partially designs based on performance, but the bills of materials (BOMs) sent to the sourcing department were not procurable. The company needed access to the right data to increase contract negotiating power and reduce product launch risks due to inventory and manufacturing issues.[more]

Collaboration, Process and a Sticker Save Big Telecom's Bacon

Challenge: A large telecommunications OEM required revisions to upgrade a power supply (PS) with early life failures in the field. Units were available in the U.S. and EU. There was no way to know systematically what version of the PS was in the units in question — the only information was a sticker on the PS itself. The challenges: contain cost and reduce turnaround time for repair.[more]

4SIGHT Raises the Bar for Major Retailer: A Tier-1 WMS Success Story

Challenge: A major retailer was experiencing rapid growth combined with increased customer demands.[more]

Footwear Manufacturer Increases Fill Rates 10 to 15 Percent With Supplier Collaboration

Challenge: An athletic footwear brand needed quicker access to supplier information and share purchase order information with several hundred vendors and factories. Since each order involved vendor collaboration, multiple tasks and the need to work with internal departments and global partners, a formalized PO process and centralized platform was needed to comprehensively track orders and shipments.[more]

Hyster Meets Brewery's Challenging Keg Line Needs

Challenge: In late 2015, a well-known craft brewery opened a second location with a 250,000-barrel capacity. From the opening, this new location encountered logistical challenges with its packaging and distribution and had distinct needs for its keg line, which was located in a small and tight space. The client looked to Hyster to recommend solutions to streamline the operation. [more]

Automotive OEM Taps Automated Lockers to Help Distribution Hub Run Smoothly

Challenge: When this automotive OEM upgraded the warehouse management system for its largest distribution facility, it knew a better way to manage handheld equipment was needed. There was no way to track equipment and no employee accountability. Scanners were being hidden, lost and damaged almost daily. The cost of managing this valuable equipment increased as productivity decreased.[more]

WMS Load Test Simulating 500 Users Produces Surprising Discovery

Challenge: Prior to a WMS Go Live, a power equipment manufacturer wanted to stress test new servers to ensure additional load would not impact operations. Time-strapped, they turned to us to develop a test strategy to emulate 300 RF devices simultaneously working in the WMS.[more]

Industrial Automation Software Accelerates DC's Shipping, Improves Accuracy, Increases Speed

Challenge: High-volume publisher was experiencing high growth, increasing demand, and a rotating, diminishing workforce. They needed to automate their manual operation to reduce reliance on labor, increase speed and earn substantial shipping discounts.[more]

GENCO Helps Publishing Company Create a New Supply Chain for a Changing Industry

Challenge: A large publishing company in a rapidly changing industry was forced to make serious changes in order to survive. As requirements for physical inventories decreased and digital assets increased, the existing warehouse and labor costs threatened the long-term profitability of the company.[more]

Increased Throughput and Accuracy in High-End Jewelry Distribution Center

Challenge: ScottTech worked with a high-end jewelry manufacturer that was looking to increase throughput and accuracy in their main distribution center. They were seeking automation tools and processes that satisfied stringent quality and efficiency metrics.[more]

Robust Engineering and Planning Prove Vital to Redesigned Car Launch

Challenge: A U.S. automotive OEM customer's redesign of one of its car models required Comprehensive Logistics to re-engineer our 640,000-sq.-ft. manufacturing-support facility. This changeover needed to be completed in five weeks.[more]

Imagine Where You Can Go With The Right Automation

Challenge: A pharmaceutical company's existing manual pick/pass picking system was constrained due to unbalanced workload across the operation — flooding some zones while others had no orders to pick.[more]

Sporting Goods Leader Strives for a Best-in-Class Supply Chain

Challenge: Double-digit annual growth, a growing number of SKUs to plan for, and demands for excellent customer service led to the search for improvements in the area of supply chain planning.[more]

DMLogic Solves Temperature Control Compliancy Issues for Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Challenge: DMLogic was challenged by a major pharmaceutical manufacturer to help streamline their compliance tracking of temperature-specific drug storage and delivery. While shipments were continuously tracked via their WMS, the manufacturer was forced to manually note temperatures throughout transit via spreadsheet. Eventually, the spreadsheets became cumbersome and the manual tracking was slowing down the process.[more]

Warehouse Creates Entirely New Revenue Stream and Increases Utilization 40%!

Challenge: A respected provider of direct marketing, printing and fulfillment services operates a ten-thousand-rack space warehouse. While their core business generally keeps their warehouse busy, the management team realized they had unused capacity. Their challenge was to find a fast, efficient way to increase their warehouse utilization.[more]

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