Ad Specifications

Advertising Creative Information

Banner** Creative Size  File SizeExpansion Dimensions Expansion Direction Looping

Leaderboard 728x90 100K728x270DownForever
Tall Rectangle 300x600100KN/AN/AForever
Medium Rectangle 300x250100KN/AN/AForever
Rectangle 300x100100KN/AN/AForever


* All rich media accepted upon approval
* Sizing above includes JPG, GIF and FLASH creatives
* All ad units must open a new browser window upon click
* A visible close button is required on every expandable ad panel
* Audio: user initiated by click only
* Video: host initiated and must include play/pause, stop, and audio on/off buttons
* Hotspots Expansion (mouseover only): no more than 50% of the ad total space
* Flash ads cannot exceed 20 FPS (Frames Per Second)
* Supply Creative to ten days prior to scheduled launch date
** When advertising in SupplyChainBrain Today or any other newsletter, static JPG or GIF images are advised. Some email programs do not display animation.

Note: In order to respect the visitors' experience, all rich media will be tested and approved by reserves the right to refuse creative upon intrusiveness or remove the creative from the site based on visitor complaints.


Flash Requirements

IMPORTANT: Macromedia Flash version 10 or lower
Creative must be delivered as a .SWF file
Must submit an image (JPG or GIF) to be served in case the user does not have flash installed. The Kbytes size for the static image should be the same as the Kbyte restriction for a normal image ad of the same size and shape.

In order for the publisher to track clicks, be sure to script as follows:

Target value must be set to target=_blank

A button symbol must be built into the file, covering the entire area of the banner, that uses the following actionscript:

on (release) {
    getURL(clickTAG, "_blank");

The frame rate for flash files may not exceed 18 frames per second. 12 frames per second preferred.

Image Rotation: Maximum of 5 creatives in rotation per campaign.

Specialty Newsletter Advertising

Dimensions are as follows:

Rotational advertising options: 728x90, 300x250, 300x100 

Exclusive sponsorship: 728x90, 300x600, 300x250

Note that newsletter ads must be site-served static JPG or GIF files. We do NOT accept flash files or third-party iframe/javascript tags. Static JPG or GIF files are advised as not all email programs display animation. Please include linking URL. Max file size 100k.

Third-Party Ad Servers

We can accept creative from the following ad servers and vendors: Atlas, Bluestreak, Doubleclick, Eyeblaster, Falk, Google Adsense, Mediaplex, and Tango Zebra.

E-mail Marketing

Use basic HTML 4.0 when customizing your own email message.

Email Formatting: Table layout is preferred over using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Nested tables and advanced formatting such as colspans and rowspans can also be used, but using a stacked table structure is recommended. Regular HTML font formatting is advised for guaranteed universal acceptance. Images should be 72dpi. Define both height and width to prevent distortion of your image. HTML should be no wider than 620 pixels. All images and art work must be housed on your server.

The following are discouraged: scripting, embeds, frames/iframes, image maps, forms, and attachments. 

The following are prohibited: External style sheets, use of inline style tags in the header of your HTML template, Flash files, plug-ins, and JavaScript.

Creative Deadlines

GIF, JPEG, HTML: Ten business days prior to start date.
Flash: Ten business days prior to start date.
Linking URL must be submitted with creative.

Send creative to: