'Not Welcome Here': Amazon Faces Growing Resistance to Its Second Home

'Not Welcome Here': Amazon Faces Growing Resistance to Its Second Home

What do you get for the man who has everything? When it comes to Jeff Bezos — the richest man in the world with around $130bn to his name — many U.S. cities competing to host Amazon’s second headquarters have an answer: billions of dollars in tax incentives.[more]

South Korea’s Steel Heartland Frets About Looming American Tariffs

The air in Pohang is thick with steel dust and anxiety. No place in South Korea has more to lose from President Trump’s tariffs on steel imports than this industrial city on the country’s southeast coast.[more]

GPS Guidance Can Be Fooled, So Researchers Are Scrambling to Find Backup Technologies

Five years ago, a team of researchers from the University of Texas at Austin boarded an $80m yacht with the intent of trying to fool the vessel's navigation system and stealthily push it off course.[more]

Ship Owners’ Multibillion-Dollar Quandary: Buy Cleaner Fuel or a Fuel Cleaner?

The owners of 60,000 cargo ships are bracing for tighter emissions rules that are forcing them to make a multibillion-dollar choice: Start buying cleaner-burning fuel or invest in a device that treats the ship’s exhaust before letting it out.[more]

Big Health-Care Players Are Turning Their Partners Into Prey

Big Health-Care Players Are Turning Their Partners Into Prey

Over 20 years, Brian Komoto built a thriving pharmacy in California’s Central Valley. Each day, his nurses would travel the vast agricultural region’s roads to help hepatitis C patients take a grueling regimen of shots.[more]

China Is Leaving the West Behind in Race for Electric-Car Raw Materials

China is first out of the blocks in the global race to secure raw material supplies critical for the batteries that will power the electric vehicles of the future.[more]

'Exhausted' Toys R Us Suppliers Weigh Options As Huge Retailer Shuts

When Toys ‘R’ Us secured a $3.1bn bankruptcy loan in September, toy makers were reassured they would be paid for goods delivered to the company as it tried to emerge from Chapter 11.[more]

Blockchain Can Help in War on Fake Drugs, Report Says

A blockchain prototype tool has been developed with the potential to tackle the problem of counterfeit medicines.[more]

On the West Coast, Ports Brace for Steel Tariffs

It's a normal weekday at the Port of Vancouver. That means by noon, piles of steel slab cover the work yard at the docks on the Columbia River.[more]

Trump Condemns Chinese Factories. China Is Already Closing Some.

Li Jinzi’s apartment lost its heat when the kilns went cold. Li works at a Chinese aluminum factory, the sort of hulking industrial installation that has helped set off a global trade fight. [more]

DHL Steps Back Into U.S. Package Delivery in Challenge to UPS, FedEx

Deutsche Post AG’s DHL business is tiptoeing back into the domestic parcel delivery in the U.S., drawn in by the strong growth in e-commerce to bring new competition to a market that’s been dominated by United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp. for a decade.[more]

Lyft Links With Magna to Sell Driverless Systems to Any Auto Manufacturer

Lyft's driverless car strategy became much clearer last week. The ride-hailing service announced it will partner with major automobile industry supplier Magna to develop driverless vehicle systems and make them available to any automaker that wants to buy them.[more]

Bottled Water May Contain Tiny Particles of Plastic, Research Shows

A lot of bottled water contains tiny bits of plastic, known as microplastics, according to research conducted by a non-profit journalism organization called Orb Media.[more]

How America's Clean Coal Dream Unravelled

How America's Clean Coal Dream Unravelled

High above the red dirt and evergreen trees of Kemper County, Mississippi, gleams a 15-story monolith of pipes surrounded by a town-sized array of steel towers and white buildings. The hi-tech industrial site juts out of the surrounding forest, its sharp silhouette out of place amid the gray...[more]

Webinar March 21: Today’s Top Supply Chain Threats and Mitigation Strategies

Understanding geographic risk — and what it means to your supply chain — is key to long-term resilience. [more]