In Cutting Time to Market, Toy Companies Try On Fast-Fashion’s Approach

Toy companies are mimicking the moves of fast-fashion retailers as they scramble to produce toys and games tied to the swift rise and fall of trends driven by social media.[more]

D.C. Has Given Elon Musk a Permit to Do a Little Digging for the Hyperloop

It's not much now, just a parking lot with a discarded gin bottle and an old exterminator receipt.[more]

Fearing Tourist Drought, Cape Town Charts a New Relationship With Water

Fearing Tourist Drought, Cape Town Charts a New Relationship With Water

When Markus Rohner flew into Cape Town’s airport this month, he found an unexpected line at the men’s washroom.[more]

Toyota Readies Cheaper Electric Motor by Halving Rare Earth Use

Toyota Motor Corp. is readying electric motors that include as much as 50 percent less in rare earths amid concern of a supply crunch as automakers race to expand their electric-vehicle lineups.[more]

Walmart's E-Commerce Challenge to Amazon Gets a Reality Check

Walmart proved to be the victim of its own success on Tuesday.[more]

Commodities Shipper Seeks $150M to Start Digital Coin

The shipping agency that struck the first freight deal settled in Bitcoin is now seeking $150m to launch its own cryptocurrency. [more]

Unilever Discloses Complete Palm Oil Supply Chain

Unilever hopes to start an "industry-wide movement" by publicly disclosing the suppliers and mills where it sources palm oil.[more]

Hundreds of KFCs Remain Closed Because of Chicken Shortage

Hundreds of KFCs Remain Closed Because of Chicken Shortage

The fast food chain KFC has been forced to temporarily close most of its U.K. outlets after problems with a new delivery contract led to a chicken shortage.[more]

As Amazon Competition Heats Up, D.C. Mayor Heads West to Talk Tech

Stretched for talent, big tech firms are looking outside of Silicon Valley to expand, and increasingly one of the beneficiaries has been the D.C. area.[more]

Lost in Translation? GM Plant Shutdown Shocks South Korea

Only weeks into a new job heading General Motors Co's international operations, Barry Engle flew into a frigid South Korea in January and held a series of meetings with government officials to discuss the future of GM's loss-making local unit.[more]

Layoffs Arrive in Brexit Britain, and Auto Workers Are Up First

In his 50 years working in Britain’s car industry, John Cooper has survived plenty of upheavals. None is scarier than the prospect of Brexit.[more]

'Made in the U.S.A.' Turbines Cloud U.S. Offshore Wind

With state officials eyeing $56bn of wind farm projects off the American coastline, developers are worried the turbines will need to be stamped with a big "Made in the U.S.A."[more]

Dog Food Brands Recalled Over Concerns About Euthanasia Drug

J.M. Smucker Co. is recalling several shipments of dog food after an independent investigation found traces of pentobarbital, a euthanasia drug, in samples from a range of popular brands.[more]

Australian Retailers Resilient As They Face Down 'Amazon Effect'

Australian Retailers Resilient As They Face Down 'Amazon Effect'

Three months after the launch of Amazon in Australia, local competitors say they are still waiting for the dreaded “Amazon effect” to hit their sales.[more]

Trump Tells Lawmakers He’s Mulling Limits on Imported Steel

President Trump suggested this week that the United States was likely to impose restrictions on imported metals, reviving the prospects for a continuing investigation whose future has been called into question amid months of pushback and delays.[more]