What Blockchain Means to Supply Chain

Blockchain has the potential to transform supply chains.

Blockchain technology was created to support transactions involving Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. But it has quickly emerged from that dark and mysterious world to offer an invaluable tool for business in general, and global supply chains in particular. Touted as a secure, immutable system of record for any number of transactions between business partners, it seems an ideal tool for managing the complex web of relationships that make up a typical supply chain. On this episode, we learn about the applicability of Blockchain to supply chains from Jack Shaw, executive director of the American Blockchain Council. He explains just what Blockchain is, and offers his vision of the crucial role it will play in supply chains in years to come. Companies are promised an unprecedented level of security, convenience and efficiency. According to Shaw, Blockchain and supply chains have at least one thing in common: They’re both “team sports.” Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain.

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Show notes:

A video presentation by Jack Shaw on “The Blockchain Transformation.”

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