Supply Chain Visibility

— November, 2012

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WHITE PAPER: The Cloud Supply Chain Data Network
Understanding the Power of a Shared Online Network to Connect Global Partners and Achieve High Data Quality Levels.
International trade and logistics requires collecting data from various partners and vendors from all over the world. This can be a challenging and time consuming process. Fortunately, there is a new model for delivering data to your solutions...

BLOG: Forging Responsible Supply Chains: Are Companies Growing Up?
Now that corporations are “persons,” I suppose it’s no stretch to describe supply chains as “mature” or “immature.” In fact, the words are especially useful when it comes to determining a company’s level of supply-chain responsibility.
That can be a difficult term to define. In a time of so many reports of unfair labor practices and environmental damage, however, it’s an important one to address.
Even a cursory review of multinationals reveals that many are far from achieving maturity in their approach to crucial concerns such as working conditions and the environment. It’s not for lack of effort; according to the 2011 Chief Supply Chain Officer Report from SCM World,...

VIDEO: Orchestrating Your Supply Chain with a Control Tower
Rather than just another layer of technology, a control tower is a central data model that lets you see internal and external systems and processes globally, and which has decision-making capability built in, says Roddy Martin, senior vice president of global supply chain at Competitive Capabilities.
(Run Time (Min.): 12:38)...

Accellos Issues New Mobile Apps for Smartphones and Tablets
Accellos Inc., a provider of supply-chain execution software, has released AccellosOne Mobile, a new series of mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. Designed to run on Windows 8, they provide real-time access...

IFS Launches New Smartphone Apps; Update of Service-Management Tool

IFS, a vendor of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and related software, has launched seven new smartphone applications in the IFS Touch Apps series, in addition to its first app for Windows Phone and Windows 8.
Available from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Marketplace, the new tools offer mobile functionality in such areas as...

VIDEO: Measuring Your Business Against Supply Chain Fragility

Sales and operations planning is central to companies' success because it gives them the agility and visibility needed to cope with volatility of any kind, says Nari Viswanathan, vice president of product development at Steelwedge.
(Run Time (Min.): 7:40)...

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