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Supply-Chain Complexity Masters: A Special Report

Eight case studies highlight the many challenges that supply-chain executives face today, in every aspect of their operations. [more]

Daydots May Be Smaller Than Most SAP Users,But It Thinks Big

A conversation with Andy Milliorn, director of operations at Daydots, a Fort Worth, Tex.-based provider of food safety products.[more]

Control the Process: The Benefit of Business Process Management

The impetus to examine and tweak business processes may stem from pressures from government regulation, Wall Street or any of a number of market forces. Regardless, those who have no BPM initiative are at a competitive disadvantage. [more]

Carriers, Shippers Mitigate Losses From HOS Rules, But Worry About Round Two

Productivity losses from the new hours-of-service rules have been less than anticipated, thanks to efforts by shippers and carriers, but both sides worry about additional changes that may be on the way. [more]

In Pursuit of Supply-chain Excellence

Supply Chain 2020, a project of the Center for Transportation and Logistics at MIT, creates a framework for determining what makes a supply chain excellent now, and in the future. [more]

AMR Picks 25 Supply Chains That Actually Pull Demand Rather Than Push It

To meet the ranking's exacting criteria, these companies' supply chains had to be driven by demand forecasting, use cutting edge technology and produce industry leading financial results. [more]

Debunking 10 Myths of RFID to Find the Real Promise Behind the Technology

Your unique logistics and supply-chain environment will dictate your RFID requirements, not the other way around. While news of RFID mandates, EPC standards and compliance requirements from industry-leading retailers have dominated world news headlines over the past year, it's time to set the...[more]

Former Analyst Heads Project To Help Supply Chains Prepare for the Unpredictable

A conversation with Larry Lapide, research director of Supply Chain 2020, a project of the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics.[more]

Supply-Chain Managers' Dilemma: Balancing Long-Term Value With Need to Control Cost

While many companies curb investments in new supply-chain systems and process change, some take the long view. They're spending now, to realize big payoffs later. [more]

CooperVision Scales Up Logistics Operations To Keep Pace With Rapid Growth

CooperVision was rapidly growing its contact lens business even before recent acquisitions that added significant new volume. Fortunately, the company already had a plan to increase and improve its logistics capabilities well under way.[more]

All Business Is Global, U.S. Cannot Afford Economic Isolationism

Today's business leaders are plagued by issues. We've heard about several of them during the recent presidential debates. Insurance premiums, outsourcing, taxation, homeland security - they're just some of the topics atop the list of national concerns. Not much has been said about international...[more]

HP's Logistics Strategy: Simplify, Standardize and Optimize

A conversation with John Frasca, director of global logistics procurement at Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, Calif[more]

Road Map Details Three Phases in Building a Truly Lean Enterprise

Today's manufacturers have reaped an abundance of operational rewards, made possible by information technology. Owing to large-scale successes, the drive for continuous improvement through lean Six Sigma is moving from the shop floor to improve all aspects of business. From product lifecycle...[more]

Traditional Supply-chain Solutions Don't Work for Contract Manufacturing Model

A conversation with Jeff Range, vice president of operations at, Fremont, Calif.[more]

Need to Know Legal Aspects of Logistics Has Never Been Greater

Even the best companies forget that their supply chains are only as strong as the transportation system that supports them. Unfortunately, capacity constraints, high costs and other problems portend serious transportation problems. The answer is having the right transportation executive on staff...[more]

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