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In today’s world, competitive advantage is built on more than quality products and services. It requires the ability to anticipate change, and to react immediately when changes—or problems—in supply or demand occur. And reliable, real-time information is the foundation of this capability.

Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies’ in-depth case studies, exclusive executive interviews, and content-rich features provide a wealth of information on the latest technology, services and processes needed to maximize supply chain efficiency. The magazine’s detailed coverage of leading edge strategies and real-world solutions is the basis for its reputation as the premier publication for executives at the highest levels of supply chain management.


Media Info:
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2007 GL&SCS Features & Departments (PDF)
2007 GL&SCS Annual Resource Guide (PDF)
2007 GL&SCS Circulation Statement (PDF)
2007 GL&SCS Subscriber/Testimonial Samples (PDF)
2007 GL&SCS Editorial Calendar (PDF)
2007 GL&SCS Advertising & Marketing Services (PDF)
2007 GL&SCS Ad Specifications & Material Instructions (PDF)
2006 GL&SCS Editorial Calendar (PDF)
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Brad Berger
Group President/Publisher
Phone: 516-829-9210, Ext. 110
Fax: 516-829-9306
E-mail Brad

Jean V. Murphy
Editorial Director
Phone: 703-481-9809
Fax: 516-829-9306
E-mail Jean
Robert J. Bowman
Senior Editor
Phone: 415-221-4396
Fax: 415-387-1105
E-mail Robert

Russell W. Goodman
Editor in Chief
Phone: 42-076-432-3782
Fax: 516-829-9306
E-mail Russell

Thomas A. Foster
Senior Editor
Phone: 610-399-1728
E-mail Tom

Jessica Whitebook
Production Director
Phone: 516-829-9210,
Ext. 140
Fax: 516-829-3591
E-mail Jessica

Jill Stelmack
Art Director, Webmaster
Phone: 607-936-0196
Fax: 607-936-0196
E-mail Jill

Barri York
National Sales Director
Phone: 203-249-8018
Fax: 212-570-4547
Email Barri
Carel Letschert
VP European Operations
Phone: 31-20-6334277
Fax: 31-20-6312669
E-mail Carel

Emily Vaughn Janson
Director of Sales (U.S., Midwest)
Phone: 847-266-9858
Fax: 847-266-9868
Email Emily

Anthony Chavez
National Sales Manager,
The Job Board
Phone: 510-525-0438
E-mail Anthony

Carole Sheppard
DDirector of Sales/e-Conferencing
Phone: 661-663-8132
E-mail Carole

Eric Jund
Sales Manager (Southern Europe)
Phone: 33-493-58-7743
Fax: 33-493-24-0072
E-mail Eric

Cathy Avolio
Director of Sales for Transportation & Educational Services
Phone: 732-322-3736
Fax: 732-868-9366
E-mail Cathy

Friedrich Anacker
Phone: 49-0202-271690
Fax: 49-0202-2716920
E-mail Friedrich

Kelly Keller
Director of Sales (U.S. Southwest, West)
Phone: 510-526-0672
Fax: 510-526-0672
E-mail Kelly

Melissa Kay
Manager of Marketing &
Phone: 516-829-9210, Ext. 136
Fax: 516-829-9306
E-mail Melissa

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