4SIGHT Raises the Bar for Major Retailer: A Tier-1 WMS Success Story

Challenge: A major retailer was experiencing rapid growth combined with increased customer demands.

Solution: 4SIGHT partnered with the retailer to design, develop and implement a tier-1 Warehouse Management System (WMS). Working together, the retailer and 4SIGHT were able to successfully leverage supply chain best practices through sophisticated technology that gave them better visibility, corporate inventory management, DC inventory control and reduction in 24-hour outbound order cycle time.

Results: Significant results were achieved in only eight months. The retailer is now able to support a new market as well as pilot self-distribution in the U.S. The platform allowed the retailer to push the limits of what was once impossible due to legacy system limitations, achieving cost savings through direct procurement. The technology that enabled WMS as a corporate platform also prepared the company to achieve full-scale distribution and allow for future growth.

About the Solution Provider: 4SIGHT specializes in supply chain consulting, engineering and information technology. Our seasoned professionals average more than 19 years of experience helping companies across all industries solve their distribution, fulfillment and transportation challenges. For more information, please email us at in4mation@go4sight.com.

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