Adaptive Software Tool Improves Inventory Tracking with Customized Solution

Challenge: This STEM education nonprofit supplier required a custom inventory and warehouse management system for both inbound and outbound logistics of their educational rental kits. The goal was to better manage the warehouse while tracking the deployment of durable inventory through their life cycle.

Solution: Developing essentially a "full-featured" WMS with adaptive software, the company is now able to implement user-set rules and location selection strategies that allow for selecting a series of locations. The system also has added advanced features like cluster-picking and planned post-picking tasks to assist in wave releasing and further automating the delivery of kits.

Results: Instead of a large, complex single system, the approach resulted in a WMS comprised of personalized Apps that can be maintained and changed easily, and that very closely matches their unique requirements. Using stepLogic, the company now has full control of their WMS with custom-built and user-built Apps.

About the Solution Provider: DMLogic helps clients reach the highest levels of productivity and efficiency within the four walls of the warehouse including design, implementation, support. From prescription drugs to auto parts, whatever the size or inventory needs, DMLogic can provide project resources, customized enhancements, reliable system support and responsive help desk support.



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