Analytics-Driven Services Reduce Dispatch Costs by $21.5 Million

Challenge: Global Fortune 500 technology company needed to reduce post-sales dispatch costs while improving asset return rates.

Solution: OnProcess used advanced analytics to evaluate the client's global parts and labor dispatch operations. It automated 80% of the process and custom-developed a tool connecting the client's CRM and ERP systems, transportation and 3PL providers, and provided all-inclusive data view on single screen.

Results: $21 million annual savings: Global Transportation: Saved $8.7 million by reducing same-day and next-business-day shipments, when unnecessary. Savings came from lower shipping costs, and reductions in truck rolls and part re-shipments. Labor Reduction: Saved $3.4 million. The client's labor vendor had been sending a field engineer to every service event. In 11% of cases, those personnel weren't utilized. Inventory Utilization/Return Velocity: Saved $9 million; average Return Material Authorization cost reduced from $60 to $35/dispatch. Drove +20-point improvement in 30-day return velocity, reducing new purchase and holding costs.

About the Solution Provider: OnProcess Technology specializes in complex, global service supply chain operations – the flow of people, parts and services following a product sale. Its technology-driven delivery and analytics-based services help clients quickly scale, optimize efficiencies, grow revenue and profitability, and deliver superior customer experiences. OnProcess operates in 26 languages and 8 global facilities.



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