Apparel Retailer Outfits Supply Chain with Automation, Gains Real-Time Visibility

Challenge: This leading apparel retailer lacked visibility into its supply chain. Its homegrown system relied on spreadsheets, emails and phone calls with international business units and over 30 trading partners. The company needed a single, detailed view of shipments and orders to create reliability in the global supply chain.

Solution: The retailer chose Amber Road’s Supply Chain Visibility solution, which allows the company’s logistics team to streamline its supply chain process from vendor to distribution center and collaborate with merchants and service providers.

Results: The hosted solution has helped the company reduce costs, optimize shipping options, speed the flow of information between trading partners, and improve customer service. Today, the retailer receives notice of inbound shipments about 10 days sooner than before. Additionally, while it has expanded to 40 international stores, it now has a smaller transportation department than when it was only in the US.

About the Solution Provider: Amber Road’s (NYSE: AMBR) mission is to dramatically change the way companies conduct global trade. As a leading provider of cloud based global trade management (GTM) solutions, we automate import and export processes to enable goods to flow across international borders in the most efficient, compliant and profitable way.



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