Candy Manufacturer Shifts From Strategy for Nationwide Temp-Controlled Delivery

Challenge: A large manufacturer of candy products wanted to reduce costs and improve service for temperature-controlled deliveries from the company's East Coast manufacturing plant to Midwest and West Coast retailers. The company was using LTL carriers and experiencing poor reliability and customer service.

Solution: KANE consolidates the company's freight with other confectionery customers to create direct truckload shipments. Trailer temperatures between 50ºF - 60ºF ensure cold chain integrity. Unlike LTL carriers, KANE commits to hitting retailers' requested arrival dates, enabling the customer to manage customers' delivery expectations.

Results: The collaborative strategy has helped the candy company reduce costs more than 25%. KANE commits to a price per hundredweight based on the ship-to zip code and weight so the company has a predictable price it can use to budget. By consolidating freight with like shippers, the candy maker reduces its carbon output and retailers get product faster on a more predictable schedule.

About the Solution Provider: Kane works with consumer goods manufacturers and their retail customers to get products to market faster, and for less, anywhere in the U.S. KANE provides solutions for labor management, warehousing and distribution, contract packaging, and freight transportation, including temperature-controlled solutions for food products.



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