CPG Eliminates Delays and Theft by Investing at the Border

Challenge: A leading food provider that ships fresh fruit from Mexico was impacted by two major issues.   1. Delayed deliveries. When it looked closer into milestone events they found all delays were occurring when trucks went through customs. The delays were having a direct impact on goods quality.   2. Missing trucks and drivers. Drivers in Mexico were being kidnapped.

Solution: The CPG company leveraged technology to come up with two solutions:

1. After identifying that delays were occurring at customs, they automated the documentation process through a cloud-based supply chain solution. It could feed data directly into customs to get it signed off quickly and avoid delay.

2. The company invested in geo-location devices to track each truck. If a truck stops for 5 minutes or goes off route, the company is notified immediately.

Results: The company cut down on lost product, ensured fresh quality goods and reduced kidnappings. And its suppliers feel better about driving their trucks.

About the Solution Provider: GT Nexus is the largest cloud supply chain platform of its kind, managing over $100 billion in goods annually. GT Nexus connects physical and financial supply chains for companies in all industries, allowing manufacturers, suppliers, financial institutions and logistics providers to collaborate on a common platform and improve supply chain speed and margins.

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