Dispatching Optimized For Globally Leading Postal Company

Challenge: Europe's leading postal service was seeking a solution to improve its complex dispatch processes by better organizing pick-up and delivery of nearly 1.8 billion annual shipments, while maintaining consistent customer service.

Solution: The Quintiq software was chosen from a field of approximately 90 solutions to improve its dispatch process and customer service. The real-time application suite offers company-wide transparency and access of interfaces for viewing all process-related decisions.

Results: The entire solution was implemented in just 8 months, and is still used 7 years later. The company has seen a substantial reduction in the numbers of tours through real-time dispatch, improved service quality, lower ownership costs, and reduced carbon footprint. The postal company has stated that Quintiq exceeded their expectations, and have seen countless benefits from the software.

About the Solution Provider: Quintiq is an international company whose vision is to solve every planning puzzle with a single software platform. Since 1997, Quintiq has become an industry leader in supply chain planning and optimization. Today, approximately 12,000 users in over 80 companies across the globe use Quintiq on a daily basis.

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