Dock Scheduling Solution Delivers $1 Million+ ROI for Machinery Manufacturer

Challenge: A global Fortune 500 heavy machinery manufacturer experienced challenges on inbound freight moves from their vendors. Carriers were experiencing 4-6 hour wait times upon arriving at the customer’s assembly plants to deliver mission-critical parts. In addition to incurring demurrage (waiting) charges from the carriers and overtime pay costs to unload the backlog of deliveries, their carriers were reluctant to deliver to these plants and offered non-favorable rates.

Solution: We implemented our cloud-based ‘twSlot’ Appointment Scheduling solution, through which carriers schedule appointment times online. The schedules incorporated the facilities’ resources and constraints and intuitively enforced these rules.

Results: ‘twSlot’ enabled the manufacturer to level inbound traffic, efficiently allocate unloading resources and reduce operational hours from 3 shifts down to 2. First year ROI exceeded $1 Million by eliminating demurrage fees, overtime pay and renegotiating favorable transportation rates. Customer is now rolling out solution across NA, EU and APAC regions.

About the Solution Provider: Transwide offers a global, modular, cloud-based TMS platform that enables shippers to connect, communicate and collaborate with logistics partners to improve logistics performance, increase customer satisfaction and reduce transportation costs. With offices in Brussels, New York and Shanghai, Transwide is deployed at 200+ customers in 80 countries across 4 continents.



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