Global Consumer Products Company Improves Compliance, Achieves Significant Duty Savings

Challenge: A global food and beverage company, after enviable international growth, realized that their global trade product classification processes required a transformation. Their US, Canada, and European teams operated independently and relied on inefficient, manually intensive processes and duplicate efforts. The company also needed to create a more efficient NAFTA eligibility identification process.

Solution: The company chose to implement Amber Road’s Import Compliance, Export Compliance, and Duty Management solutions, which enabled the Customs team to centralize their product classification process and streamline their supplier solicitation efforts.

Results: With Amber Road’s solution, the company saw enhanced process efficiencies, improved supplier response rates, and increased duty savings. The Customs team estimates that their number of man hours for solicitations dropped from 15 hours to 5 minutes. Additionally, their ability to identify and target suppliers with worthwhile FTA savings has improved; the company has saved over $8 million in duty savings from qualifying for NAFTA.

About the Solution Provider: Amber Road’s (NYSE: AMBR) mission is to dramatically change the way companies conduct global trade. As a leading provider of cloud based global trade management (GTM) solutions, we automate import and export processes to enable goods to flow across international borders in the most efficient, compliant and profitable way.



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