Global TMS Delivers Savings through Harmonization of Systems and Practices

Challenge: Our client was looking for a single, centralized solution to harmonize their transportation planning and execution processes. With business operating units in US, Europe, China and Brazil, they had been using different, customized software solutions to manage fragmented transportation practices at each and realized they were hemorrhaging costs on transportation spend, freight bill settlement, operational overhead, and IT support.

Solution: The customer implemented the full Transwide TMS suite to standardize and automate mode/carrier selection, capture consistent on time pickup/delivery performance data, accurately calculate freight, fuel and accessorial fee charges across 4 continents and multiple modalities (Truck, Intermodal, Ocean & Barge).

Results: Client has harmonized logistics practices across multiple geographic regions, and a single TMS platform to manage them globally via the ‘cloud’. Automation, tightly integrated functionality and global visibility have significantly improved cost control, and Transwide’s SaaS delivery and business model have greatly reduced the customer’s logistics IT burden.

About the Solution Provider: Transwide offers a global, modular, cloud-based TMS platform that enables shippers to connect, communicate and collaborate with logistics partners to improve logistics performance, increase customer satisfaction and reduce transportation costs. With offices in Brussels, New York and Shanghai, Transwide is deployed at 200+ customers in 80 countries across 4 continents.



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