Home Improvement Manufacturer Decreases Supply Chain Costs While Centralizing Network

Challenge: A leading manufacturer of home improvement and building products was operating across dozens of brands, in multiple of retailers across the globe. Their logistics network was being operated at an independent level per brand, leaving multiple opportunities for overlap and inefficiency. However, with such a level of complexity, they knew streamlining their network would be a challenge.

Solution: The organization knew that in order to improve their future logistics state, they needed to optimize their current one. They turned to a Greenfield study to assess the current state. By utilizing network design they would be able to optimize the flow of products, information and cash.

Results: By optimizing their network, they were able to decrease costs across multiple lines, including carrying costs, information management, warehousing costs and general administration and take the next step closer to a centralized network.

About the Solution Provider: LLamasoft supply chain design software helps organizations worldwide design and improve their supply chain operations. LLamasoft solutions enable companies across a wide range of industries to model, optimize and simulate their supply chain network, leading to major improvements in cost, service, sustainability and risk mitigation.

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