Inventory Control & Service Delivery with Service Parts Management

Challenge: Our client, an aircraft manufacturer, needed a sophisticated parts planning process to support an increased demand for aftermarket parts services. The existing ERP and legacy parts planning systems couldn't meet the needs of an increasingly complex services organization, causing insufficient service levels, low inventory turns, and high levels of obsolete stock.

Solution: The PTC Service Parts Management solution helped the aircraft manufacturer create an integrated logistics ecosystem. The solution enables a single strategy to manage complex interchangeability relationships, rebalance inventory across a global network, create location and part types with associated attributes, forecast demand streams, and automate inventory replenishment.

Results: Today, the aircraft manufacturer's spare parts planning team creates accurate parts-consumption forecasts. Commercial aviation inventory has reduced by 12.5%, inventory turns have increased by 35%, and service parts network visibility has improved. Our client has achieved impressive growth in business volume and increased customer value through improved service delivery.

About the Solution Provider: PTC's Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) solutions optimize the system of people, processes, and technology employed by service providers. SLM connects the planning, delivery and analysis of service across the entire service network. PTC's SLM solutions empower companies to transform into strategic service organizations that increase revenue, profitability, and customer value.


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