KANE Helps Club Store Chain Implement Cross Dock Strategy

Challenge: A major U.S. club store chain wanted a solution for more efficient cross docking.

Solution: Much of KANE's strategic role for this club store chain relates to improving store-level efficiency and sales. • Case pick operations replenish less-than-pallet quantity orders. KANE handles this labor-intensive process and sends consolidated, mixed-vendor pallets to the store to reduce local labor. • Store-level quality checks eliminated. KANE's initial quality check at the cross dock proved so accurate that the retailer decided to eliminate the recheck that stores were doing at receipt - saving $14 million in labor in the process. • Barcode speeds store-level receiving. KANE generates a barcode label that affixes a dollar amount to the load and, upon receipt, the information downloads into the store’s local inventory system.

Results: KANE has received the retailer's Distribution Center of the Year award for 11 out of the 16 years it has been given.

About the Solution Provider: Kane Is Able is a third-party logistics provider that helps manufacturers and their retail partners efficiently and effectively distribute goods throughout the United States. KANE's value-added logistics solutions include retail consolidation, dedicated/shared distribution, packaging, fulfillment and freight transportation solutions.

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