Logistics Expertise Assists Entry into U.S. Market

Challenge: Recently a well-established European manufacturer of housewares decided to enter the U.S. market. Knowing how important logistics would be to the startup process, their first decision was to select an ideal logistics partner to help develop an entry plan for the American marketplace.

Solution: This manufacturer engaged Port Jersey Logistics, whose experience in product launches helped lead to a successful market entry in June 2014. PJL lent more than just logistics advice regarding market expansion ventures; by understanding the manufacturing, products and sales strategy, PJL provided valuable knowledge concerning various retailers, and assisted in creating a targeted customer list.

Results: By working together, the manufacture and PJL developed a strategy to target the major club retailers of the U.S. - a step which, early in the process - hadn’t even been considered. Working collaboratively with a customer is a telling sign of true partnership.

About the Solution Provider: Port Jersey Logistics offers 60 years of experience with state-of-the-art systems and facilities to meet a broad range of logistics requirements. It is equipped to handle a wide-ranging spectrum of products including grocery, specialty foods, alcoholic beverages, health and personal care products, electronics, textiles, ingredients and raw materials.

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