Manufacturer Automates Logistics Operations to Find 20% Freight Savings

Challenge: This client, a premier manufacturer of nutritional supplements for athletes and active-lifestyle individuals, experienced rapid growth that necessitated an automated logistical operation. Manually managing an entire supply chain operation led to numerous inefficiencies and unnecessary costs.

Solution: The client turned to MercuryGate to deliver a robust TMS designed to automate day-to-day operations and decrease freight spends. The scalability, adaptability, and reusability of the MercuryGate TMS allowed the client to gain control over their entire supply chain and eliminate the manual processes that were preventing them from reaching full potential.

Results: During implementation, the client designed new business processes to capitalize on TMS capabilities and staffed accordingly. One year after adoption of the MercuryGate TMS as well as the Mojo Transportation Optimization tool, the client reported immense savings - over 20 percent of their annual freight bill. Automation of transportation processes eliminated excess expenditures and allowed for expansion of manufacturing operations.

About the Solution Provider: MercuryGate delivers an international TMS enabling shippers and logistics service providers to plan and execute multimodal shipments, settle invoices, allocate costs, and analyze transportation data. Supports multi-leg loads using TL, LTL, air, ocean, rail, intermodal, and high volume parcel. Use SaaS or self-hosted application to optimize transportation and reduce costs.



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