Orchestrating a Massive Move - Heavy Haul Ocean Transport

Challenge: The Liebherr LR11350 is one of the most powerful cranes in existence. To ship this 1,488 ton load from the factory door in Germany, through the Port of Hamburg and to the Port of Mobile, Alabama, every piece had to move together - which ultimately meant a heavy-haul ocean transport.

Solution: On such moves, Landstar agencies rely on the support of Landstar's many solutions. Aside from the specialized transport, the agency provided customs clearance and documentation for the freight, covering all the fees involved with this heavy haul move from Europe to the United States.

Results: The agency orchestrated the packing and transport of 90 pieces onto one vessel, with the heaviest parts weighing 155,424 pounds. "This turn-key solution is something we are proud to offer our customers and one that few providers, other than Landstar, can customize in the same way," explains the agent.

About the Solution Provider: Landstar's network of independent sales agents and transportation capacity providers offers greater flexibility and a local presence that has a global reach. Exceeding 1,100 independent agents, 9,000 leased owner operators, 14,000 trailers and 44,000 other available capacity providers, we have the experience to find a solution to your transportation challenge.

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