Pharmaceutical Giant is One of First to Launch Serialization Program

Challenge: Some recent estimates suggest as much as 10% of the global drug supply is counterfeit and that $75 billion per year is lost to counterfeit drugs. Beginning in 2017 all manufacturers will need to start meeting federal compliancy regulations for serialization.

Solution: The project was to seamlessly integrate the capture of 2D barcoded serialization information using the existing warehouse management system. Using the stepLogic adaptive software product, DMLogic delivered a creative solution that avoids laborious extra scans and steps while enabling the customer to capture serial numbers for multiple units of measure.

Results: As one of the first to roll out a serialization protocol, the ePedigree record facilitates the wholesaler operation with product availability, shipment and recall notification, shelf life and product returns. Any misdirected or improperly introduced product can be quickly identified by the wholesaler.

About the Solution Provider: DMLogic helps clients reach the highest levels of productivity and efficiency within the four walls of the warehouse including design, implementation, support. From prescription drugs to auto parts, whatever the size or inventory needs, DMLogic can provide project resources, customized enhancements, reliable system support and responsive help desk support.



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