Private Label Juice Maker Puts the Squeeze on Inventory

Challenge: Simultaneously balancing inventory, meeting customer service needs, and maximizing production efficiencies is a challenge for any company. For a leading national private label juice and drinks producer this combination adds a few unique demand planning complexities.

Solution: In order to deliver the superior products, service and support its customers expect, the company recognized a need for heightened visibility across its supply chain. Logility Voyager Solutions was chosen to more effectively plan, manage and execute the company's supply chain processes and manufacturing planning.

Results: With Voyager Solutions in place, the company realized the following benefits: Reduced forecast error by 25%; Decreased finished product inventory 10% while introducing a significant number of new items; Optimized production planning and increased changeover efficiency, with the capability to sequence lines better boosting through-put on one production line by 30% and an average of 14% on all others.

About the Solution Provider: Logility is a leading provider of supply chain management and retail optimization solutions delivering visibility; demand, inventory and replenishment planning; S&OP; supply and inventory optimization; manufacturing planning and scheduling; retail merchandise planning and allocation; and transportation planning/management.