QuestaWeb Technology Solves Broker's Operating Challenges and Confers ACE Readiness

Challenge: A large broker with multiple operating locations relied on antiquated broker technology and used a separate system for forwarding operations. The firm needed to acquire one integrated solution to satisfy all of its trade compliance needs. Beyond seeking user-friendly technology accessible by all its offices, the software needed to accommodate highly specialized accounting functions.

Solution: The firm selected QuestaWeb's Customs House Broker module, with its Integrated Accounting component, and QuestaWeb's Import and Export Freight Forwarding modules.

Results: QuestaWeb’s integrated, web-native solutions responded to the firm’s many challenges. QuestaWeb’s intuitive design facilitated ease of use, its browser functionality gave all users easy access and its flexible technology accommodated multiple in-house programs. QuestaWeb’s accounting solution delivered all the special functions required. Plus, QuestaWeb’s quick implementation allowed the firm to meet all the impending ACE requirements. Broker operations are more efficient, and the firm is fully prepared to operate in the ACE environment.

About the Solution Provider: QuestaWeb is a premier provider of integrated, web-native global trade management (GTM) solutions. QuestaWeb's state-of-the-art software eases global trade, addressing import/export compliance and logistics, foreign trade zone distribution and manufacturing, landed costs monitoring, Harmonized Tariff Schedule classifications and U.S. Customs clearance. Our robust modular technology also streamlines associated financial processes.



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