Transforming Sourcing And Supplier Management. It's In Your Grasp.

Challenge: In a highly competitive and dynamic environment, a leading manufacturer of home appliances set out to transform its global sourcing functions with the goals of sustaining quality, maintaining production, and most important of all, preserving profit margins.

Solution: The manufacturer utilized lean principles, a philosophy of collaboration, and an openness to automation in its organizational transformation. Driven by a need to perform more sourcing activities more quickly, the company evaluated its existing eSourcing tool - built primarily for indirect sourcing - and found it to be lacking for direct materials sourcing. They chose Directworks.

Results: Freed from the burden of mundane tasks, the sourcing team could more easily collaborate with suppliers and negotiate the best total cost, while maintaining quality and managing risk. In a short period, the manufacturer had increased its number of eSourcing projects by a factor of 7x, streamlining its processes while identifying millions of dollars in potential savings.

About the Solution Provider: Directworks provides cloud-based software solutions purpose-built for manufacturers to improve supplier collaboration, total cost visibility, and the efficiency of sourcing and supplier management activities. Leading manufacturers use Directworks to accelerate product launches, expand margins, and optimize their direct materials supply chain for cost, performance, and risk.



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