Warehouse Execution System Delivers a Fresh Solution for Perishable Foods Manufacturer

Challenge: A leading perishable foods brand was experiencing high transportation costs, extended delivery times and loss of selling time, when shipping product lines from multiple manufacturing locations to a network of food distributors.

Solution: FORTE was asked to implement a solution to consolidate goods to better manage spoilage, improve service and reduce transportation costs. A centralized, automated DC was proposed, using FORTE's warehouse execution system (WES) to manage fulfillment versus replacing the legacy WMS and ERP systems. Providing operational control and required functionality not available in the company's legacy systems, the WES spared the time and expense of new WMS and ERP applications.

Results: Merging several manual DCs into one automated facility improved service, removed distribution activities from manufacturing facilities, reduced transportation costs, improved tracking and traceability, and maximized resources utilization. The FORTE WES is orchestrating operations within, yet far beyond, the capabilities of the manufacturer's existing ERP and WMS.

About the Solution Provider: FORTE is a leading distribution center design/build and warehouse execution software (WES) technology firm. FORTE provides client-side, network-wide engineering, systems integration and operations optimization services for existing distribution facility upgrades or greenfield operations. FORTE's expertise and services include logistics network optimization, facility sizing and design, material handling systems and WES.

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