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European Company Grows U.S. Market With New 3PL Knowledge

Challenge: A large Amsterdam-based company, boasting sales of over 30,000 household products, sought to expand its market and become a non-resident U.S. importer. The company had to learn U.S. import requirements and establish an optimal logistics strategy for its China- and India-origin goods.[more]

ICAT Logistics - Urgent Supply & Demand

Challenge: Most hospitals utilize the just-in-time method of inventory control. If hospitals have higher than expected demand, additional supply must reach them immediately. Companies need a logistics provider that goes inside hospitals, uncrates new equipment, crates old equipment, and returns the...[more]

Tracking Cot Movement in the Emergency Department with RFID

With visibility to critical data from its ED entrance (when EMS crews enter, when they leave, and how long they stay), our client can now anticipate busier times and adjust staff accordingly- creating a better overall ED experience.Read More[more]

RFID Tagging to Improve Inventory Management, Billing Accuracy, and Cut Costs

An automatic inventory tracking solution, from stockrooms to operating rooms to waste areas, has improved inventory management by preventing stock-outs, supply hoarding, and inventory shrink.Our client has reduced on-hand inventory value significantly, from $3.2 million to $2.7 million. The...[more]

Smart RFID Labeling System for Global Health & Hygiene Company

Our system has proven that high volume and high reliability can go together within an RFID smart labeling system. The printer/encoders from Zebra Technologies have spread to multiple high-volume product lines within our client's supply chain.Read More[more]