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5 Worst Practices for Managing Global Freight

5 Worst Practices for Managing Global Freight

As supply chain professionals, we live in a world of unprecedented connectivity where partners collaborate seamlessly, in real time, to make faster, better decisions on production, inventory and shipping. And then there is global freight management. Here, clerks manually enter shipment data and...[more]

Improved Data Accuracy and Shortened Delivery Times at LP Group

Improved Data Accuracy and Shortened Delivery Times at LP Group

With a new system in place, LP Group has not only continued to improve data accuracy and reduce data redundancy, it has shortened delivery times and the time frames for delivery. LP Group is seeing productivity gains because they can handle more shipments with less people. Click Here to get the...[more]

Big Data in the Supply Chain

Big Data in the Supply Chain

Prior to investing resources into "big data" systems, software and people, firms must understand that data aggregation alone is insufficient. Without a well-thought-out strategy, big data projects can result in confusion between teams, or worse, lead to sunk costs. To assist supply chain...[more]

Best Practices in Parcel Shipping LTL/Freight White Paper

Parcel and LTL shipping is now viewed as a strategic component of the supply chain.[more]

Advanced Sourcing - Achieving the Next Level of Savings and Efficiency in Your Supply Chain

In the supply chain and sourcing domains, companies are changing the way they source, produce and distribute goods or services to their customers, in search of reduced costs and greater efficiency.[more]

Enterprise-Wide Data Collection and RFID/Bar Code Printing for SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Forward-thinking businesses thrive on information. Companies that fail to provide accurate, timely information to their supply chain partners are at a competitive disadvantage. Many proven productivity tools like radio frequency identification (RFID) and bar code shipping labels have become a...[more]

Improve Truck Freight Carrier Productivity and Cost-Effectiveness with Mobility Technology

In today's tough business conditions, over-the-road freight carriers are looking for ways to increase productivity, decrease operating expenses, and retain customers. The cold truth is that unpredictable fuel costs, rising labor rates, and other expenses continue to whittle away at freight trucking...[more]

Mobile Printing Streamlines Supply Chain and Warehouse Processes

Bar code and RFID labels are by far the fastest and most accurate method to identify and track materials and products throughout the supply chain, and within warehouses and distribution centers. Used in multiple industries, centralized printing stations affix bar codes and RFID to the materials,...[more]

Going Global: Building a Sustainable Logistics Model in the Age of Globalization

This white paper reviews what companies that want to go global must master in transportation and logistics to capitalize on these opportunities.[more]