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Five Global Shipping Trends to Watch This Year

Overall, 2017 was a good year for the ocean shipping industry. Operating margins for most carriers improved, driven by robust demand, positive inventory developments and higher rate levels. [more]

From Mexico to the U.S., a Nafta Tale of Two Truckers

Raúl García Miranda wants Carlos Flores’s job. Flores doesn’t think he deserves it.[more]

Why Surge Pricing and Collaborative Logistics Go Hand in Hand

Why Surge Pricing and Collaborative Logistics Go Hand in Hand

Surge pricing, where the value of a particular item or a service increases according to demand, may soon be coming to logistics - and bringing green benefits in multiple ways.[more]

What's at Stake: Cyberattack in the Global Shipping Industry

The global shipping industry has come of age with more automation, game-changing technologies and the-internet-of-things. But embarking on this voyage has also made it a prime target for unforeseen, invisible, and highly destructive cyberattacks.[more]

E-commerce Disruption of Air Cargo Is Just Beginning, Report Says

We are only seeing the opening act of the e-commerce effect, according to logistics IT company Unisys.[more]

Infrastructure Issue Bridges Gap Between Forwarders, Integrators

A decade-old major highway bridge collapse in Minneapolis still serves as a deadly reminder of the price our nation pays for lack of transportation infrastructure investment.[more]

Freight Startup Flexport Raises $110M, Turns Down $1Bn Valuation

Flexport, the shipping logistics company that launched in San Francisco just four years ago, is set to close a $110m Series C funding round. The investment values the company at $910m post money, says Wesley Chan, managing director at Menlo Park VC firm Felicis Ventures, an early investor in...[more]

Opinion: Four Tips to Renewing Your Freight Broker Bond

As this year's freight broker bond renewal deadline approaches for many, a reminder is due.[more]

Teknowlogi Launches AI Decision-Making Platform for Logistics Industry

Logistics technology provider Teknowlogi has launched its Logistics Expert System (LES) - a logistics supply chain analytics platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) decision-making technology. The same technology has already been deployed in medical diagnosis and stock trading.[more]

The Changing Role of Logistics Service Providers

The Changing Role of Logistics Service Providers

Logistics providers discuss how they're adjusting to major changes brought about by concerns over the economy, shifts in trade policy, the complexities of the omnichannel, rising customer service demands, and the arrival of a new generation of supply-chain managers.[more]

Divide Is Widening Between Tech-Savvy and Traditional Forwarders

The gap between the top-performing airfreight forwarders and those at the bottom, in terms of profit margins, appears to be growing wider, and may continue doing so for the next few years, according to results of a recent poll by Descartes Software and the U.S. Airforwarders Association (AfA).[more]

E-Retailers Say They Continue to Struggle With Cross-Border Demand

E-commerce has been the dominant force for change in the air cargo logistics business for the last several years, but online retailers, forwarders, carriers and integrators say they are still struggling with ways to keep up with the intense demand from international customers to deliver them the...[more]

Forwarders Group Urges Action on Infrastructure Promises

The coming presidency of Donald Trump may still seem like a question mark across the American landscape, but at least one air cargo group is excited about one of his campaign pledges. The Airforwarders Association is holding the incoming Trump Administration to its promise to invest $1tr to rebuild...[more]

It's Time to Renew Your Freight Broker Bond

It's Time to Renew Your Freight Broker Bond

Since the changes in the freight broker bond requirements introduced by the MAP-21 legislation back in 2013, autumn has turned into the bond renewal season for the freight industry. In the next few months, about two thirds of the nearly 17,000 licensed freight brokers are expected to undergo the...[more]

Are You a Service Parts Pricing Laggard or Leader?

Are You a Service Parts Pricing Laggard or Leader?

In business, as in life, you're either improving or declining, growing or shrinking - there is no middle ground. In today's ultracompetitive durable goods industry, you're either evolving your business to compete faster and stronger while delivering a superior customer experience or you're allowing...[more]

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