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European Company Grows U.S. Market With New 3PL Knowledge

Challenge: A large Amsterdam-based company, boasting sales of over 30,000 household products, sought to expand its market and become a non-resident U.S. importer. The company had to learn U.S. import requirements and establish an optimal logistics strategy for its China- and India-origin goods.[more]

New Strategy Accomplishes Customs Compliance and Cost Savings

Challenge: Transit delays and increased inspections by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) caused supply chain disruptions for a leading essential oils wholesaler. CBP requests for information and action had been received, and there were documentation errors. Customs brokerage fees were costly.[more]

Orchestrating a Massive Move - Heavy Haul Ocean Transport

Challenge: The Liebherr LR11350 is one of the most powerful cranes in existence. To ship this 1,488 ton load from the factory door in Germany, through the Port of Hamburg and to the Port of Mobile, Alabama, every piece had to move together - which ultimately meant a heavy-haul ocean transport.[more]