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From Mexico to the U.S., a Nafta Tale of Two Truckers

Raúl García Miranda wants Carlos Flores’s job. Flores doesn’t think he deserves it.[more]

Opinion: Port Automation and Cyber Risk

To stay ahead of competing ports and technological developments, automation has been heralded as inevitable. Major transshipment hubs and aspiring ports bet their future on automation, which raises the impact cyber risks could have in the long-run.[more]

Opinion: Fostering a New Era of Collaboration at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Opinion: Fostering a New Era of Collaboration

It takes every link of the supply chain, working in concert, to meet the requirements of global shippers today.[more]

What's at Stake: Cyberattack in the Global Shipping Industry

The global shipping industry has come of age with more automation, game-changing technologies and the-internet-of-things. But embarking on this voyage has also made it a prime target for unforeseen, invisible, and highly destructive cyberattacks.[more]

The Secret Life of the City Banana

The Secret Life of the City Banana

On a hot day in June, the Hermann Hesse slipped into New York Harbor and headed for the Red Hook Container Terminal in Brooklyn. The 550-foot container ship, flying the Liberian flag, had come some 3,000 miles from Ecuador. It had gone through the Panama Canal, picked up cargo in the Caribbean and...[more]

America's Aging Infrastructure: Waterways Face Critical Juncture

America's Aging Infrastructure: Waterways Face Critical Juncture

More than a million tons of commodities normally pass through the lock on the Monongahela River in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, every month. But on a recent day, the giant steel gates that hold back the river didn't budge.[more]

The Changing Role of Logistics Service Providers

The Changing Role of Logistics Service Providers

Logistics providers discuss how they're adjusting to major changes brought about by concerns over the economy, shifts in trade policy, the complexities of the omnichannel, rising customer service demands, and the arrival of a new generation of supply-chain managers.[more]

SeaHorse Wants to Revolutionize Container Shipping With Submersible Vessels

SeaHorse Shipping in the U.S. has touted a plan aimed at revolutionizing container shipping and freeing shippers from the constraints and congestion caused by mega container ships and mega ports.[more]

Cross-Border Hubs Hustle to Keep Up With E-Commerce Demand

Cross-Border Hubs Hustle to Keep Up With E-Commerce Demand

Analyst Insight: International e-commerce, also known as cross-border e-commerce, is growing at a rapid rate, but is faced with a number of challenges such as currency, delivery times, customs and returns. As a result, logistics providers such as FedEx, UPS and Pitney Bowes have acquired niche...[more]

E-Retailers Say They Continue to Struggle With Cross-Border Demand

E-commerce has been the dominant force for change in the air cargo logistics business for the last several years, but online retailers, forwarders, carriers and integrators say they are still struggling with ways to keep up with the intense demand from international customers to deliver them the...[more]

Top 40 Cargo Airports Provide Glimpses of Future Growth

Sometimes all it takes is a shift in strategy from a single carrier to make an impact on airport freight traffic. Qatar Airways Cargo, for instance, has been ramping up its airfreight routes for the last couple of years, seeking more high-value cargo, such as pharmaceuticals, and forming joint...[more]

CaroTrans Adds Direct Atlanta-Gothenburg Link

CaroTrans, a global non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) and ocean freight consolidator, has announced a new Northern Europe service connection with the addition of a direct Atlanta-Gothenburg LCL service. The service has a 21-day transit time, and a Gothenburg-to-Atlanta service will soon...[more]

Container Shipping Market Is Unpredictable, But Prices Are Climbing, Xeneta Reports

An in-depth analysis of Q3 container shipping costs revealed positive trends for the container carrier segment, according to Xeneta, a market intelligence company for containerized ocean freight. However, the market remains unpredictable, with the 'Hanjin Effect' ebbing away, Xeneta says.[more]

Evergreen Line Enhances Asia-Australia Network

In hopes of offering shippers a more comprehensive service on Asia-Australia trade, Evergreen Line has announced a new joint North East Asia-Australia Express (NEAX) service. The Taiwanese container transportation and shipping company is teaming up with Orient Overseas Container Line, Mitsui O.S.K....[more]

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Exporting to Canada

How to Avoid Common Mistakes When Exporting to Canada

First-time exporters in the U.S. understandably find Canada to be an attractive market, but cross-border trade between the two is far from simple.[more]

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