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Five Global Shipping Trends to Watch This Year

Overall, 2017 was a good year for the ocean shipping industry. Operating margins for most carriers improved, driven by robust demand, positive inventory developments and higher rate levels. [more]

Little Unicorn Takes Baby Steps to Survive Among Omnichannel Giants

Little Unicorn Takes Baby Steps to Survive Among Omnichannel Giants

The young seller of high-end baby products seeks a way to reach consumers and retailers without being swallowed up by Amazon.com and Wal-Mart. [more]

Opinion: Doing the Numbers on Expedited Delivery

Opinion: Doing the Numbers on Expedited Delivery

Think expedited delivery of your goods is too expensive? The harsh truth in today’s market is that failing to utilize it – especially when it comes to fulfillment across borders – could cost you dearly.[more]

Fighting Unfair Chargebacks Through Photographic Proof

Sealed Air Corp. is among the big shippers to partner with Kenco Logistics Services and Smart Gladiator on an app that can manage the huge volume of photos taken to prove compliance with customer requirements.[more]

Farmigo Thought It Could Kill Off Supermarkets. Here's What It's Trying Next.

Farmigo Thought It Could Kill Off Supermarkets. Here's What It's Trying Next.

Back in 2015, Microsoft veteran Benzi Ronen boasted that Farmigo, his online farmer’s market, was going to help kill off supermarkets. People would soon use their mobile phones to order non-perishables like toothpaste and toilet paper from Amazon and buy their humanely raised lamb chops and locally...[more]

DHL 'Innovation Day' Winners Introduce New Logistics Tech

At Deutsche Post-DHL’s 2017 "Innovation Day" at its Bonn, Germany, Innovation Center, the winners of a series of technology "challenges" introduced new products, including autonomous warehouse robots, an online platform for package drop-offs and an internet of things (IoT) approach to online...[more]

Five Ways This Year’s Cyber Monday Shook Up Logistics

Cyber Monday once again netted record-breaking online sales. E-commerce retailers slashed prices, and more shoppers than ever avoided the usual bedlam of brick-and-mortar stores — opting instead to shop online. [more]

Interstate 95: How America’s Most Important Highway Fails

Interstate-95 is busier than any other freeway and among the longest. It runs through some of the country’s biggest cities and costs billions of dollars a year to maintain.[more]

Opinion: An Autonomous Future and the Way Forward for Logistics

Earlier this year, the International Transport Forum (ITF) published a report on global action and legal issues pertaining to the transition to driverless trucks. While technology and innovation move at a swift pace, indeed regulatory and infrastructure changes will lag a few years behind.[more]

E-commerce Disruption of Air Cargo Is Just Beginning, Report Says

We are only seeing the opening act of the e-commerce effect, according to logistics IT company Unisys.[more]

Infrastructure Issue Bridges Gap Between Forwarders, Integrators

A decade-old major highway bridge collapse in Minneapolis still serves as a deadly reminder of the price our nation pays for lack of transportation infrastructure investment.[more]

A Mobile Floating Truck Stop on the St. Lawrence Seaway

Ro-ro ships carry trucks and other road vehicles across the Baltic Sea and also across Cook Strait, providing onboard overnight accommodations as well as food services. There may be scope to adapt that operational precedent to bypass roadway traffic congestion on the St. Lawrence Seaway.[more]

Freight Startup Flexport Raises $110M, Turns Down $1Bn Valuation

Flexport, the shipping logistics company that launched in San Francisco just four years ago, is set to close a $110m Series C funding round. The investment values the company at $910m post money, says Wesley Chan, managing director at Menlo Park VC firm Felicis Ventures, an early investor in...[more]

Deliv Expands Across U.S., Takes Macy's, Best Buy, Others Along

In a move that it says puts it on equal footing with Prime Now's domestic coverage, crowdsourced same-day delivery provider Deliv has expanded to 1,400 U.S. cities in 33 markets, up from 19 markets previously - allowing retail customers like Macy's and Best Buy to greatly increase the range of...[more]

Opinion: Using Automation to Combat the Impending Labor Shortage

Opinion: Using Automation to Combat the Impending Labor Shortage

Carriers and third-party logistics operators have warned for years of an impending driver shortage, and now it is becoming clearer that this is a symptom of a much broader labor shortage facing the logistics industry that will impact drivers, dispatchers, and warehouse and dock workers.[more]

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