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Three Megatrends Driving International Logistics

Three Megatrends Driving International Logistics

Phil Marlowe, chief logistician with Acuitive Solutions, looks at three trends that are having a big impact on freight moving from China to the U.S. by air and ocean. [Run Time (Min.): 8:16][more]

Effects of the Latest 'Perfect Storm' on Logistics & Manufacturing

Effects of the Latest 'Perfect Storm' on Logistics & Manufacturing

The U.S. West Coast labor slowdown has manufacturers and retailers thinking about permanently moving their import operations to another coast, says Rob Lewin, director of global logistics, Flowserve. [Run Time (Min.): 9:11] [more]

PortMiami's Model for Dynamic FTZs

PortMiami's Model for Dynamic FTZs

Export of tropical plants, refurbished yachts and medical instruments destined for Latin America are just some of the new developments at PortMiami's foreign trade zone, says Eric Olafson, manager of cargo development. [Run Time (Min.): 7:12] [more]

An International Planning Case Study: Huhtamaki

Huhtamaki, Inc., a producer of consumer-goods and food-service packaging, was looking to expand its international activities. Scott Stuckenschneider, vice president of North American supply chain, is joined by Sheila Hewitt, vice president international with Transplace, to discuss how the company...[more]

Industry Insights From NLDC Founder

When Jim Bowes established the National Logistics & Distribution Conference 10 years ago his aim was to provide a small, collegial, non-sales oriented conference for senior supply chain executives. Bowes discusses how NLDC has evolved and what he thinks the future holds for the conference and...[more]

Cutting-Edge Ideas for Optimizing the Supply Chain

Wayne Zorn, vice president of customer solutions with Solvoyo, lays out the tradeoffs that sellers must make between satisfying customer demands and calculating cost to serve. [Run Time (Min.): 10:26] [more]

Four Transportation Trends That Are Transforming Retail

Matt Menner, senior vice president of strategic account management with Transplace, examines four macro trends affecting transportation: capacity, human capital, carrier-shipper relations and information technology. [Run Time (Min.): 13:05] [more]

Is Transportation Becoming a Commodity?

A discussion with Mary Holcomb, professor at the University of Tennessee, about the results of the 22nd annual Study on Trends and Issues in Transportation and Logistics, conducted by UT, Georgia Southern University and Con-way. [Run Time (Min.): 11:13] [more]

The World of Humanitarian Supply Chains

Supply chain and logistics play key roles in responding to acute humanitarian crises caused by natural disasters or armed conflict, and in meeting chronic needs such as remote, hard-to-supply medical clinics. Jarrod Goentzel describes how the MIT Humanitarian Response Lab is working to improve both...[more]

Driving Innovation in 3PL Relationships

To retain and keep profitable customers in today's economic environment, 3PLs must provide innovative solutions that make the supply chain more efficient for both the customer and the provider, says John Dillon of APL Logistics. Dillon discusses two such programs that APL has developed and talks...[more]

Continuing to Add Logistics Value in a Commodity-centric Environment

Third-party logistics will not become a commoditized service as long as providers continue to add value and differentiate their product offerings, says Greg Spudic, vice president of marketing and sales at Dimerco Express. Winning strategies are based on anticipating customer needs and meeting...[more]

Using a 3PL to Simplify Shipments to and from Mexico

Third party logistics companies with experience in Mexico and strong partnerships with leading Mexican carriers and customs brokers can make cross-border shipping a truly seamless activity, says Dennis McCaffrey of XPO Logistics. This capability will become more important in coming months as...[more]

New CEO of CEVA Logistics Shares Unique Industry Perspective

Having spent most of his career as an executive in the chemical industry, Marv Schlanger, new CEO of CEVA Logistics, has a unique perspective on the global 3PL industry. He shares his views as "the new kid on the block" and explains why he is optimistic about the future of CEVA and of the industry...[more]

Leveraging the Private Sector to Get Life-Saving Drugs to Africa

Leveraging the Private Sector to Get Life-Saving Drugs to Africa

The Supply Chain Management Systems Project is a PEPFAR funded program administered by USAID designed to get life-saving drugs for the treatment of HIV/AIDs to many developing countries, most of them in Africa. Clinton De Souza, Warehousing and Distribution Principal Advisor, explains how the...[more]

Shippers Rely More on Collaboration to Manage Freight, NASSTRAC Study Reveals

Brian Everett, executive director of NASSTRAC, reveals results of a shipper study on freight management and discusses other NASSTRAC initiatives. [Run Time (Min.): 9:48] [more]

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