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Retail: Transportation, Tech & Other Trends

Retail: Transportation, Tech & Other Trends

While sustainable transportation is top of mind for many retailers, they also are concerned about site selection, visibility, omnichannel, reverse logistics, risk, cloud services and hiring the disabled. A SupplyChainBrain In The Know video presentation. [Run Time (Min.): 11:12] [more]

Returns: The 'Ticking Time Bomb' of Multichannel Retailing

Returns: The 'Ticking Time Bomb' of Multichannel Retailing

Tom Enright, research director with Gartner, talks about his recently completed survey on the challenges that are confronting multichannel retailers today, with a particular focus on the issue of returns. He offers his view on what constitutes excellence in the returns process. [Run Time (Min.):...[more]

The Battle for Supply Chain Talent

The Battle for Supply Chain Talent

Tammy Bliss recently left a career with Fortune 500 companies to become an entrepreneur. These two worlds share many challenges, including finding and keeping talented employees, she says. Bliss also discusses her new company, ConversionR, which promotes reuse of cardboard cartons. [Run Time...[more]

How Redbox Manages a Supply Chain with All New Products and Zero Replenishment

How Redbox Manages a Supply Chain with All New Products and Zero Replenishment

Redbox has an unusual supply chain, with 10 new product introductions a week and no replenishments. An algorithm effectively allocates new DVD's among 43,000 kiosks, but this allocation is quickly skewed when customers use different kiosks to rent and return. Matt James, vice president, explains...[more]

Making the Most of Retail Product Liquidation

Retailers are moving away from liquidating outdated inventory for a set price, usually pennies on the dollar, says Jeremy Witte, COO of GENCO Marketplace. Instead they are looking to partners like GENCO Marketplace to maximize liquidation returns through market analytics and a network of secondary...[more]

Industry Insights From NLDC Founder

When Jim Bowes established the National Logistics & Distribution Conference 10 years ago his aim was to provide a small, collegial, non-sales oriented conference for senior supply chain executives. Bowes discusses how NLDC has evolved and what he thinks the future holds for the conference and...[more]

Standards for Sustainability: An Update

Richard Bank, director of the Sustainable Supply Chain Foundation, supplies an update on the organization's efforts to instill voluntary standards for sustainability in the warehouse, as well as other logistics processes. [Run Time (Min.): 12:29] [more]

Dell Embraces Vested Outsourcing

Dell, Inc. looks to the emerging concept of vested outsourcing, in a partnership with Genco to improve the high-tech giant's global supply chain and level of customer service. Dell executive director Robert McIntosh shares the details. [Run Time (Min.): 9:30] [more]

Dell & Mondelez: Making Vested Outsourcing Work Well Beyond Expectations!

Kate Vitasek, Faculty, Center for Executive Education, The University of Tennessee, describes in detail how Dell, Mondelez and their supply chain partners are making the vested outsourcing model work well beyond expectations! [Run Time (Min.): 14:29] [more]

Evolution of the Retail Consumer and How Supply Chains Must Adapt

Consumers today want the ability to purchase and return products via any channel, at any time, at the best price. To meet those expectations, companies that traditionally have had disparate fulfillment models must now merge both the informational and operational aspects of those models into one,...[more]

Report From ProMat 2013

George Prest, chief executive officer with MHI, traces the history of ProMat and reports on this year's show. [Run Time (Min.): 6:02] [more]

Keys to a Successful Asset-Recovery Program

There are a whole new set of concerns to be addressed in asset-recovery programs today, says Burt White, director of supply chain advisory services with KPMG Advisory Services. [Run Time (Min.): 9:54] [more]

Why Sustainability Is Free

Dale Rogers, a supply chain management professor and consultant who has done extensive research on reverse logistics, discusses ways that sustainability programs can pay for themselves, including revenue from secondary markets - an area, he says, where more strategic initiatives are needed. [Run...[more]

Unlocking the Value in Product Returns

There are many opportunities to recapture value from returned products and, in the process, strengthen customer relations, says Jeff Jorgensen of Spinnaker, a global supply chain and execution company. Jorgensen details a number of these opportunities and outlines some of the major challenges and...[more]

How J&J Is Introducing "Lean" into the Supply Chain

After demonstrating significant success with lean manufacturing, Johnson & Johnson decided to apply lean principles for reducing waste to its supply chain. Rick Desmarais, director of the supply chain for the medical devices and diagnostics group, explains how the company is implementing this...[more]

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