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Collaboration, Process and a Sticker Save Big Telecom's Bacon

Challenge: A large telecommunications OEM required revisions to upgrade a power supply (PS) with early life failures in the field. Units were available in the U.S. and EU. There was no way to know systematically what version of the PS was in the units in question — the only information was a...[more]

Building a Modern Supply Chain Network

Challenge: For this agricultural spare parts distributor, each country was served by its own separate supply chain. While strategically placed near customers, it presented challenges with stock availability at each distribution center and in dynamically organizing and fulfilling across multiple...[more]

Service Parts Operation Delivers: 500 Orders/Day - 40% Less People

Challenge: This service parts organization needed to handle over 500 orders per day and 170,000 items in their inventory. They needed to move from a paper-base to automate through system-directed processes, gain real-time visibility and tracking of parts and orders throughout their supply chain.[more]

Baxter's Software and Planning Services Help IT Service Provider Scale

Challenge: This datacenter infrastructure start-up with a global installed base and support centers around the world, turned to Baxter to help: • Meet 4-hour and next-day on-site hardware service commitments. • Quickly scale service and support globally. • Maximize resources to focus on core...[more]