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How 3D Printing Is Enhancing Traditional Manufacturing

No one thinks 3D printing will replace high-volume, discrete manufacturing, but experts are convinced that it will revolutionize aspects of it. A SupplyChainBrain In The Know video presentation. [Run Time (Min.): 13:48] [more]

ULA: Launching a World-Class Supply Chain

ULA: Launching a World-Class Supply Chain

United Launch Alliance LLC is a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and The Boeing Co. Brad Houser, senior manager of supply chain operations, explains the company's mission, and how it crafts a supply chain that's geared toward absolute reliability in support of rocket launch services for government...[more]

Supply Chain Modeling and Optimization in a Global Business

TE Connectivity is a $13bn world leader in designing and manufacturing electronic connectivity products for a range of industries. Ruud Somers, director of global network design, discusses how the company uses supply chain modeling and optimization solutions to support the high service demands of...[more]

The Crucial Areas of Enterprise Asset & Field Service Management

Ralph Rio, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group, discusses the metrics needed to manage assets in the plant and in the field. [Run Time (Min.): 9:16] [more]

Shippers Rely More on Collaboration to Manage Freight, NASSTRAC Study Reveals

Brian Everett, executive director of NASSTRAC, reveals results of a shipper study on freight management and discusses other NASSTRAC initiatives. [Run Time (Min.): 9:48] [more]

The Urge to Merge Domestic and International Transportation Ops

The many operational differences between domestic and international transportation has historically meant separate and distinct management of these two sectors. Research shows that today's shippers, however, believe there are efficiencies to be gained by managing both domains on a single platform,...[more]

Damco CEO Discusses North American Logistics Market

The number one imperative for North American shippers continues to be cost reduction and cost containment, which means that logistics providers must analyze and scrutinize operations more diligently than ever in order to find such opportunities, says Jeremy Haycock, president of Damco North...[more]

New KPIs Reflect Changes in Logistics Management Solutions

As global trade management software has improved visibility to international shipments, companies have been able to enhance performance measures, moving from departmental indicators to broader metrics that drive coordination between departments, says Stephanie Miles, senior vice president of...[more]

Keys to a Successful Asset-Recovery Program

There are a whole new set of concerns to be addressed in asset-recovery programs today, says Burt White, director of supply chain advisory services with KPMG Advisory Services. [Run Time (Min.): 9:54] [more]

Logistics Clusters Drive Value and Growth

Professor Yossi Sheffi, director of the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, describes the development and advantages of logistics clusters. In addition to enhancing distribution efficiency, Sheffii says, these clusters also provide significant economic benefits to surrounding areas,...[more]

The Realities of Reverse Logistics

Irv Grossman, vice president of the Supply Chain Operations Practice of Chainalytics, offers guidance on how companies can stop thinking of reverse logistics as an inevitable burden, and begin approaching it strategically. [Run Time (Min.): 9:41] [more]

Coping With Complexity in the Service Parts Supply Chain

A company can live or die by the effectiveness of its service parts supply chain. Yet the requirements for managing that function can be brutally complex. John Reichert, WMS product marketing manager with TECSYS, provides a blueprint for the proper management of service parts. [Run Time (Min.):...[more]

Addressing Today's Logistics Challenges in Brazil

Establishing a local command center, carefully addressing such requirements as product descriptions, then setting up efficient supply chain lanes are three critical factors to success in Brazil, says John Miller, senior vice president, global business development, Flash Global Logistics. Moreover,...[more]

The World of Emergency Response Logistics

Erica Bash, general counsel and director of Dawson Logistics, discusses the fundamentals of emergency response logistics, and what it takes to strike the ideal balance between cost and service. [Run Time (Min.): 8:59] [more]

ROI in Reverse Logistics: An ADT Case Study

ADT Security Systems needed an automated system for the receipt, management and disposition of returned parts, says Eric Blue, its director of supply chain planning. Once it implemented that, says Jeff Pepperworth, president of reverse logistics at Inmar, it was able to recoup credits on...[more]

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