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New Validation Solution Ensures Data Accuracy and Avoids Shipment Delays

Challenge: For a major luxury apparel retailer, missing and inaccurate data in its suppliers' Advance Ship Notices (ASN) caused shipment delays, lost time spent finding and correcting errors, and bad data polluting the retailer's ERP.[more]

Online Drop-Ship Retailer Grows Business by Improving Supplier Relationships

Challenge: An online, drop-ship retailer was having a hard time managing supplier order fulfillment as ordering volumes increased. Traditional solutions only allowed process efficiencies for the retailer's larger suppliers, but didn't extend across the smaller suppliers who were just as important.[more]

Moving Heavy Machinery in the Cloud

Challenge: With a supply chain spanning the farthest reaches of the globe, it wasn't uncommon for this heavy equipment manufacturer to lose sight of its shipments, resulting in frequent delivery delays and headaches for its dealers. Traditional point-to-point solutions were falling short in the...[more]

Improved Invoice Processing and Increased Vendor Count

Challenge: In an effort to better communicate with external partners and suppliers, a national gas and convenience store chain was looking to improve order management, invoicing and overall visibility into the supply chain.[more]

Reduced Time-Consuming Processes and Accelerated Trading Partner Onboarding

Challenge: A retailer and transporter of food goods was faced with a time-consuming integration cycle that was eating into the company’s bottom line. Their resource-constrained IT department was looking for an automated solution to simplify and accelerate its trading partner integration as well as...[more]