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Solving the Problem of 'Too Much Data'

Solving the Problem of 'Too Much Data'

In the era of big data, how do we make use of a flood of information without drowning in it? Experts weigh in on strategies for using data to improve all aspects of the supply chain. A SupplyChainBrain "In the Know" presentation. [Run Time (Min.): 14:29][more]

DIRECTV's Journey from Manual to Automated Forecasting

DIRECTV’s service depends on equipment imported from Asia and forward positioned in 250 locations to support home installations. Having long used Microsoft Excel to forecast demand, the company had a rocky journey to an automated forecasting system from SAP. Randy Sullivan discusses lessons learned...[more]

How RedWing Shoes Streamlined S&OP and Boosted Performance

In a multi-year, multi-phase project covering people, process and technology, RedWing Shoes streamlined and improved its S&OP process, cutting planning time from six weeks to three and reducing inventory by 27 percent. [Run Time (Min.): 6:22] [more]

How to Get an Efficient Warehouse Without a Big Budget and High-Level Automation

Less automated "standard" materials handling solutions are perfect for new or smaller companies that do not require highly automated DCs. Klaus Wurm, vice president of Shaefer Systems, discusses the benefits of integrating standard elements to help such companies get their products to...[more]

Transportation Technology Trends

Companies that view transportation management as a core competency with a strategic impact approach technology acquisitions as investments and not merely as costs, says Mike Joseph, director of business development at LeanLogistics. Joseph discusses how this mindset is reflected in other supply...[more]

The Vital Importance of Software Selection to the Enterprise

In great detail, Gabriel Gheorghiu, software selection project manager, Technology Evaluation Centers, walks through the steps needed for successful software acquisition. [Run Time (Min.): 9:37] [more]

Meeting Distributors' Enterprise Software Needs

Steven Bisset, vertical-market expert in wholesale distribution for Netsuite, discusses software selection, integrated suites, cloud computing and e-commerce. [Run Time (Min.): 13:34] [more]

Turning Distribution Companies into Professional Software Buyers

Consultants and enterprise technology investors are partners in the acquisition process, says Denis Rousseau, director of project delivery at Technology Evaluation Centers. [Run Time (Min.): 10:09] [more]

Enterprise Software Acquisition, from A to Z

From identifying business department needs to successful implementation, Mehdi Aftahi, chief technology officer at TEC, walks us through enterprise software procurement. [Run Time (Min.): 12:23] [more]

Technology's Answer to Distributors' Ever Changing Needs

Distributors' decision-making has immeasurably improved with technology advances in recent years, says Stephen Knudsen, business solutions consultant, Infor. [Run Time (Min.): 8:29] [more]

Prepping for an ERP Implementation

Serious planning and staff preparation must begin months before an ERP system is implemented, says Jonathan Gross, vice president and legal counsel for Pemeco Consulting. [Run Time (Min.): 13:23] [more]

A Structured Approach to Assessing, Selecting Enterprise Software

Lorne Goloff, vice president of selection services at Technology Evaluation Centers, gives an overview of the many factors to weigh before investing in enterprise software. [Run Time (Min.): 9:42] [more]

Trends in Distribution Management

Joe Scioscia, vice president of sales at VAI, gives a detailed overview of distributors' use of sales force tools, analytics, cloud computing and WMS. [Run Time (Min.): 5:04] [more]

Creating Supply Chain Value with Big Data Analytics

Big data can be a powerful enabler of better business decisions, but getting the right data to the right person in an actionable form presents huge challenges. Richard Sharpe, CEO of Competitive Insights, helps demystify the subject and explains why mastering big data is worth the effort. [Run Time...[more]

No More Islands of Information or Automation

All encompassing integration will do away with islands of information and automation, says Marc Leroux, Marketing Manager, ABB. [Run Time (Min.): 11:15] [more]

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