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DHL Reports on A.I.’s Potential Benefits — and Looming Concerns — in Logistics

DHL and IBM have released a joint report on the development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology and its potential to change the logistics industry — noting that, in many ways, A.I. is already making profound changes to the retail environment, not all of which are positive.[more]

Really Fast Fashion: How to Get Bespoke Clothes With the Click of a Button

Style trends are moving faster than ever in an age when a shopper can spot an outfit on Instagram and buy it with just a few clicks. That immediacy is prompting some in the fashion industry to experiment with a business model some are calling “click, buy and make.”[more]

Worldwide IoT Security Spending Will Reach $1.5Bn This Year, Gartner Says

Worldwide IoT Security Spending Will Reach $1.5Bn This Year, Gartner Says

Internet of things (IoT)-based attacks are already a reality. A recent CEB, now Gartner, survey found that nearly 20 percent of organizations observed at least one IoT-based attack in the past three years. To protect against those threats Gartner, Inc. forecasts that worldwide spending on IoT...[more]

What Stands in the Way of Supply Chain Efficiency Today

Across industries, companies large and small are facing similar supply chain challenges: managing an overwhelming availability of data; meeting the growing demands of globalization; and hopping the artificial-intelligence and machine-learning bandwagon.[more]

How A.I. Is Transforming Supply Chain Planning in High-Tech

Not surprisingly, high-tech companies are keenly interested in the potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning to aid in supply-chain management and demand planning. But is the technology sufficiently advanced to fill that role? A SupplyChainBrain Power Lunch discussion.[more]

The Path Forward for Agility

The Path Forward for Agility

Sales and operations planning. So important, yet success is so elusive. While many companies approach S&OP as a technology implementation, success requires a focus on 60 percent culture, 30 percent process and 10 percent technology. Companies cannot get to success without technology, but it cannot...[more]

A Complete Supply Chain Transformation From Push to Demand-Pull

A Complete Supply Chain Transformation From Push to Demand-Pull

Until 2001, the world of supply chain management, especially in retail, had been driven by what we call the "push system," a very linear and slow-to-move-forward process. This approach, historically in retail, has been driven by an antiquated "middleman & merchandising" model involving "The Show",...[more]

Getting a New iPhone Battery Is Often a Frustrating, Weeks-Long Process

Some people across the country are reporting that they're having a tough time getting their iPhone batteries replaced through Apple Inc.'s battery replacement program that launched after the company admitted that it slows down phones with older batteries to preserve the phones' performance.[more]

Coping With Complexity in Life Sciences Supply Chains

Designing, developing and deploying a global supply chain solution in the life sciences industry is easier said than done.[more]

Digital Demand Management: Connecting the Silos

Digital Demand Management: Connecting the Silos

With the emergence of new digital technologies such as Mobility, Big Data, Cloud, Business Intelligence/AI, the IoT, etc., new and more abundant sources of data are available to improve forecasting and demand management. Companies that embrace digital and transform their demand management processes...[more]

Schneider Electric: A Veteran Company at Technology's Cutting Edge

Artificial intelligence and machine learning: When it comes to supply chain processes, there's hype — and there's reality.[more]

Survey Says: It’s Not Your Dad’s Supply Chain Anymore

Companies adopting an intelligent operations strategy to manage their supply chains will be in the best position to succeed in the future — if they have the right talent.[more]

How Merck Is Building an End-to-End Supply Chain

There's no question pharmaceutical supply chains are complicated. Add industry and government regulations — topped with geographical complexities — and it's become more challenging than ever for multinational companies to get beyond node-to-node planning.[more]

Excelling in the Changing World of Contract Manufacturing

At Jabil, a highly diversified contract manufacturer, today's challenges aren't so different from most companies. Customers want visibility and flexibility in the supply chain.[more]

Solving the Problem of 'Too Much Data'

Solving the Problem of 'Too Much Data'

Conversations with supply-chain executives about how companies can swim in the sea of big data without drowning in it.[more]

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