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Target Tests Retail ‘Flow Center’ for Faster, Nimbler Distribution

Target Corp. is testing a new distribution strategy aimed at speeding up its restocking and making the retailer more nimble at stores and online as it competes with rivals like Inc. and Walmart Inc.[more]

Five Tips for Managing Digital Transformation

Procurement teams needs to create a vision for how they are going to deal with digital transformation.[more]

DHL Reports on A.I.’s Potential Benefits — and Looming Concerns — in Logistics

DHL and IBM have released a joint report on the development of artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology and its potential to change the logistics industry — noting that, in many ways, A.I. is already making profound changes to the retail environment, not all of which are positive.[more]

Really Fast Fashion: How to Get Bespoke Clothes With the Click of a Button

Style trends are moving faster than ever in an age when a shopper can spot an outfit on Instagram and buy it with just a few clicks. That immediacy is prompting some in the fashion industry to experiment with a business model some are calling “click, buy and make.”[more]

RIP Toys R Us: Why Grocery Stores Could Be the Salvation of Toy Makers

RIP Toys R Us: Why Grocery Stores Could Be the Salvation of Toy Makers

A Barbie by the broccoli? Hot Wheels by the hot sauce?[more]

Will Amazon’s Worker Tracking Wristbands Cross the Privacy Line?

Using technology to improve productivity is a time-tested path in all aspects of manufacturing, including warehouses.[more]

Opinion: The Closing of 63 Sam’s Club Stores Has Big Implications for Small Business

Last week, Wal-Mart announced that it would be closing 63 of its under-performing Sam’s Club stores at various locations throughout the country. While most of the news centered around the thousands of employees that would be affected by the decision, there’s also another significant group of people...[more]

Opinion: How IoT Will Impact the Supply Chain This Year

There has been a lot written about the internet of things (IoT) and how it will affect nearly every global industry — from retail to connected vehicles. [more]

Four Digital Trends Manufacturers Should Watch for in 2018

More than a half century after he postulated it, (Gordon) Moore’s Law is still highly relevant, and the consequences have dramatically revolutionized our world. [more]

Little Unicorn Takes Baby Steps to Survive Among Omnichannel Giants

Little Unicorn Takes Baby Steps to Survive Among Omnichannel Giants

The young seller of high-end baby products seeks a way to reach consumers and retailers without being swallowed up by and Wal-Mart. [more]

Opinion: Doing the Numbers on Expedited Delivery

Opinion: Doing the Numbers on Expedited Delivery

Think expedited delivery of your goods is too expensive? The harsh truth in today’s market is that failing to utilize it – especially when it comes to fulfillment across borders – could cost you dearly.[more]

2017 Supply Chain Innovation Awards Presented by SupplyChainBrain & CSCMP

2017 Supply Chain Innovation Awards

A pharmaceutical industry forum creates a collaborative framework where companies can efficiently and relatively inexpensively test their potential medicines against competitors’ products that are already approved and available in the marketplace.[more]

How Argos Transformed Its Store Network for the Omnichannel

How Argos Transformed Its Store Network for the Omnichannel

The big U.K. retailer sheds its roots as a catalog operation and creates a new fulfillment model for online orders, drawing on its extensive network of stores.[more]

Whirlpool Discovers That 'One Size Doesn't Fit All'

The home-appliance giant needed a way to satisfy valued customers in its niche markets, even though they account for a relatively small percentage of sales.[more]

Q&A: Rethinking Food Waste at Hilton

Q&A: Rethinking Food Waste at Hilton

"We want to be responsible operators and buyers," says Max Verstraete, vice president of corporate responsibility for Hilton. The hospitality company, which has 14 brands covering more than 5,000 properties in 104 countries and territories, buys a lot of products. "Whether it’s furniture or ketchup...[more]

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