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World Wine Output Falls to 60-Year Low

World Wine Output Falls to 60-Year Low

Global wine output fell to its lowest level in 60 years in 2017 due to poor weather conditions in the European Union that slashed production in the bloc, international wine organization OIV said.[more]

Maersk Wants to Take Down Global Food Loss

Maersk and Rockstart, a European startup accelerator, have partnered in an initiative called FoodTrack to foster startups with ideas for tackling global food loss.[more]

Amazon Is Launching International Shopping From the U.S.

Amazon is expanding the reach of its U.S. store.[more]

IMF Says the Global Smartphone Boom Has Reached Its Peak

The global smartphone boom that’s helped propel Asia’s economic growth and reshape trade channels in recent years may have peaked.[more]

The Staggering Environmental Footprint of All the Food That We Throw in the Trash

The mass quantities of food Americans waste every year has staggering environmental consequences, according to a study published this week.[more]

Nestle, European Retailers Make Progress in Talks to End Price Row

Nestle, European Retailers Make Progress in Talks to End Price Row

Nestle and European supermarket retailers are making progress toward settling a months-long price dispute but the Swiss food giant still needs to offer more concessions, German chain Edeka said.[more]

Trade War Prospect Shakes Part of Trump Base: Midwest Farmers

Snow and sleet were falling on Eldon Gould’s 500 acres last week, but he was already looking ahead to planting season; depending on ground conditions and the temperature, that could be just several weeks away.[more]

A Look at the World's Most Powerful Wind Turbine

GE Renewable Resources said it’ll spend as much as $400m over the next few years to build an offshore wind turbine almost 100 meters taller than the Washington Monument.[more]

Kohl’s Has a New Plan to Get You Into Its Stores: Groceries

Less is more, Kohl’s executives are finding, as the department-store chain continues to shrink its locations and whittle down the items in its stores.[more]

'Is It Shoplifting If It’s Not the Customer’s Fault?': Amazon Go Raises Questions for the Retail Industry

“Just walk out,” say the signs at the entrance and store windows at Amazon’s newest concept store. “No lines. No checkout. (No, seriously.)”[more]

Demand for Warehouse Space Will Stay Strong in 2018, Report Says

A combination of factors will come together in 2018 that will result in strong investor appetite for logistics real estate, according to CBRE. [more]

Airbus Says It May Stop Making Its Giant A380 As It Beats Boeing on Sales of Smaller Planes

Airbus SE publicly questioned the future of its A380 superjumbo jet, saying the program risks being shut down if the manufacturer fails to win a crucial order from the plane's main backer, Emirates of Dubai.[more]

Ocado Trials Humanoid Robot Warehouse Worker

Online grocery retailer Ocado has announced it will start testing a humanoid robot to assist human engineers maintain its automated fulfillment centers.[more]

Hospitals Wrestle With Shortage of IV Bags, Linked to Hurricane

The U.S. is facing a nationwide shortage of intravenous bags just as flu cases accelerate, forcing many hospitals to use more time-consuming ways to administer drugs and to weigh a halt on elective procedures and clinical trials.[more]

Target's Plan to Pump $7Bn Into Its Stores Really Paid Off Over the Holidays

Target's Plan to Pump $7Bn Into Its Stores Really Paid Off Over the Holidays

Target’s $7bn plan to fix its business paid off handsomely during the holiday season.[more]

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