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Tracking Inventory in Motion

Challenge: Trading partners need to trust that inventory will arrive when scheduled — particularly during item promotions. Historically, location and arrival time was obtained via driver phone calls. But these projected arrival times didn’t consider traffic and weather conditions, and they were...[more]

Findchips Pro Enterprise Decreased Product Delays by 48 Percent

Challenge: A company's engineering and sourcing departments were siloed and lacking access to historical information and accurate market data (pricing, availability and risk). The engineering department partially designs based on performance, but the bills of materials (BOMs) sent to the sourcing...[more]

4SIGHT Raises the Bar for Major Retailer: A Tier-1 WMS Success Story

Challenge: A major retailer was experiencing rapid growth combined with increased customer demands.[more]

Building a Modern Supply Chain Network

Challenge: For this agricultural spare parts distributor, each country was served by its own separate supply chain. While strategically placed near customers, it presented challenges with stock availability at each distribution center and in dynamically organizing and fulfilling across multiple...[more]

Footwear Manufacturer Increases Fill Rates 10 to 15 Percent With Supplier Collaboration

Challenge: An athletic footwear brand needed quicker access to supplier information and share purchase order information with several hundred vendors and factories. Since each order involved vendor collaboration, multiple tasks and the need to work with internal departments and global partners, a...[more]

GENCO Helps Publishing Company Create a New Supply Chain for a Changing Industry

Challenge: A large publishing company in a rapidly changing industry was forced to make serious changes in order to survive. As requirements for physical inventories decreased and digital assets increased, the existing warehouse and labor costs threatened the long-term profitability of the company.[more]

Sporting Goods Leader Strives for a Best-in-Class Supply Chain

Challenge: Double-digit annual growth, a growing number of SKUs to plan for, and demands for excellent customer service led to the search for improvements in the area of supply chain planning.[more]

Warehouse Creates Entirely New Revenue Stream and Increases Utilization 40%!

Challenge: A respected provider of direct marketing, printing and fulfillment services operates a ten-thousand-rack space warehouse. While their core business generally keeps their warehouse busy, the management team realized they had unused capacity. Their challenge was to find a fast, efficient...[more]

Inventory Optimization Drives SIOP Success

Challenge: A leading fixture and faucet manufacturer set out to improve service levels and increase product availability, without increasing its inventory investment. The company also targeted working capital efficiency for improvement.[more]

Distributor Achieves 50 Inventory Turns with Anseris Consulting

Challenge: A large Midwest C-store distributor was tasked with utilizing an outdated system to manage their inventory and short shelf products resulting in low user productivity and less than desirable customer service levels. With over 60% of the inventory investment in short shelf life products,...[more]

IBS Dynaman WMS Solution Saves Distributor 4-5 Hours per Day

Challenge: Family-owned supplier of operating supplies/equipment for global hospitality set out for new WMS system. Requirements: • Automated dispatching to eliminate inaccuracies/inefficiencies associated with manual intervention; • Open integration with voice-picking, ensuring extensibility...[more]

A New Supply Chain for a Changing Industry

Challenge: A top global publisher was looking to reform its supply chain to adjust to declining print volumes and increases in smaller, more customized orders.[more]

ICAT Logistics - Urgent Supply & Demand

Challenge: Most hospitals utilize the just-in-time method of inventory control. If hospitals have higher than expected demand, additional supply must reach them immediately. Companies need a logistics provider that goes inside hospitals, uncrates new equipment, crates old equipment, and returns the...[more]

Baxter's Software and Planning Services Help IT Service Provider Scale

Challenge: This datacenter infrastructure start-up with a global installed base and support centers around the world, turned to Baxter to help: • Meet 4-hour and next-day on-site hardware service commitments. • Quickly scale service and support globally. • Maximize resources to focus on core...[more]

Implementation and Consulting Services Can Determine the Success of Software

Challenge: One of the largest privately owned health food distributors was operating with a replenishment system that could not keep up with the growth of the company. They needed a best-of-breed Inventory Optimization system that could create accurate forecasts and manage their highly seasonal...[more]

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