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Companies in U.S. See 2018 Spending Surge as Tariffs Boost Costs

U.S. companies lifted their outlook for investment this year while noting that tariffs will raise prices and cause supply disruptions, according to a private survey.[more]

Truck Maker Volvo Rides Demand Boom but Supply Chain Feels Strain

Truck maker AB Volvo beat first-quarter expectations thanks to strong demand for trucks and construction equipment across most markets but cautioned that its supply chain was coming under pressure.[more]

IMF Says the Global Smartphone Boom Has Reached Its Peak

The global smartphone boom that’s helped propel Asia’s economic growth and reshape trade channels in recent years may have peaked.[more]

The Staggering Environmental Footprint of All the Food That We Throw in the Trash

The mass quantities of food Americans waste every year has staggering environmental consequences, according to a study published this week.[more]

Nestle, European Retailers Make Progress in Talks to End Price Row

Nestle, European Retailers Make Progress in Talks to End Price Row

Nestle and European supermarket retailers are making progress toward settling a months-long price dispute but the Swiss food giant still needs to offer more concessions, German chain Edeka said.[more]

South Dakota E-Commerce Sale Tax Fight Reaches U.S. Supreme Court

South Dakota E-Commerce Sale Tax Fight Reaches U.S. Supreme Court

A high-stakes showdown at the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday will determine whether states can force out-of-state online retailers to collect sales taxes in a fight between South Dakota and e-commerce businesses.[more]

Nordstrom Is Opening a New York Store as Other Retailers Close Theirs

The Nordstrom family has run stores for more than a century, first selling shoes in the Pacific Northwest and later introducing fashion-forward clothing to wealthy suburbanites across the country.[more]

Trade War Prospect Shakes Part of Trump Base: Midwest Farmers

Snow and sleet were falling on Eldon Gould’s 500 acres last week, but he was already looking ahead to planting season; depending on ground conditions and the temperature, that could be just several weeks away.[more]

Bit by Bit, Whole Foods Gets an Amazon Touch

Bit by Bit, Whole Foods Gets an Amazon Touch

Some signs are subtle, like the “Whole Foods + Amazon” one near the bananas. Others are more obvious, like the kiosk with Amazon devices for sale.[more]

Kohl’s Has a New Plan to Get You Into Its Stores: Groceries

Less is more, Kohl’s executives are finding, as the department-store chain continues to shrink its locations and whittle down the items in its stores.[more]

Retailers Use Gun Controls to Make Policy Statement and Manage Image, Experts Say

Three major U.S. retailers voluntarily restricted gun sales to make a policy statement and manage their image with consumers in the aftermath of the Florida school massacre, marketing experts said Thursday.[more]

China Wants to Enter the U.S. Car Market, but a Rough Road Lies Ahead

Germany was first. It shipped the Volkswagen Beetle to the United States in 1949. It got off to a slow start only to be embraced by an enthusiastic American public.[more]

'Is It Shoplifting If It’s Not the Customer’s Fault?': Amazon Go Raises Questions for the Retail Industry

“Just walk out,” say the signs at the entrance and store windows at Amazon’s newest concept store. “No lines. No checkout. (No, seriously.)”[more]

Healthcare SCM Market Will Be Worth $2.31Bn by 2022, Research Shows

The global healthcare supply chain management (SCM) market will be worth $2.31bn by 2022, according to research.[more]

Airbus Says It May Stop Making Its Giant A380 As It Beats Boeing on Sales of Smaller Planes

Airbus SE publicly questioned the future of its A380 superjumbo jet, saying the program risks being shut down if the manufacturer fails to win a crucial order from the plane's main backer, Emirates of Dubai.[more]

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