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Your Next Sneakers Will Come From Trees

Allbirds, the Silicon Valley startup behind a wildly popular wool sneaker, is pivoting from sheep to trees.[more]

Six Ways Procurement Officers Can Prepare for Brexit

During this time of uncertainty procurement professionals should take the opportunity to elevate their role as a trusted advisor, says Andrew Coulcher, group membership and knowledge director of CIPS.[more]

Meeting Heightened Expectations in Managing Supplier Alliances

Meeting Heightened Expectations in Managing Supplier Alliances

Expectations of supply chain functions continue to intensify. As organizations face rapidly shifting markets, quality/reliability concerns, sustainability demands, and natural disasters and regional instability, suppliers represent a key strategic resource for enabling responsiveness, innovation,...[more]

Either Retail Industry Evolves with Today's Consumer -- or It Dies

Either Retail Industry Evolves with Today's Consumer -- or It Dies

Coming out of the Retail Value Chain Federation Fall Conference, it was clear that retailers, merchandise suppliers and even service providers are facing a do-or-die situation. It's a simple choice – adapt to meet the needs of today's consumer or become obsolete. Period. That means optimizing drop...[more]

Getting a New iPhone Battery Is Often a Frustrating, Weeks-Long Process

Some people across the country are reporting that they're having a tough time getting their iPhone batteries replaced through Apple Inc.'s battery replacement program that launched after the company admitted that it slows down phones with older batteries to preserve the phones' performance.[more]

Go for 'Best Fit' – Not 'Best Practice' -- Metrics

Go for 'Best Fit' – Not 'Best Practice' -- Metrics

Picking the right metrics for your supplier relationship should not be about simply buying into the latest benchmarking data. Rather, it should be about aligning the right metrics for the purpose. For quality metrics, pick what is the "best fit," not the "best practice." This is especially...[more]

Wool Is Cool Again, and the Prices Are Shear Madness

Wool isn’t just for winter wear anymore, and its use in everything from shoes to underwear briefs is pushing prices of merino, the most popular type of wool fiber for clothes, to near-record highs.[more]

Why Red Bull Changed Its Travel Buying Strategy

Travel buyers should start talking to their travel management companies (TMCs) now about how changes to flight booking technologies could impact them, Red Bull’s head of procurement has said. [more]

The New World of Business Analytics Offers Promise for Supply Chain Leaders

The New World of Business Analytics Offers Promise for Supply Chain Leaders

Companies are drowning in data, but are low on insights. Exciting advances in analytics are opening up new opportunities for supply chain teams. The challenge is that it means charting a new path and defining new processes to take advantages of new capabilities. The path forward means charting a...[more]

Q&A: What We Have Here Is a Failure to Collaborate

A survey by 3M Company finds a large number of suppliers holding back from engaging in true collaboration with buyers, due to a lack of openness and customer incentives.[more]

Why Made-in-USA Fashion Is Turning Heads

Faster delivery and customization are combining with automation to spur a return of apparel manufacturing to the U.S.[more]

Chinese Retailer’s Latest Gig: Supplying Restaurants

Most Chinese consumers go to to buy electronic gadgets and other items. Restaurant operator Zhang Zong uses China’s No. 2 e-commerce company to deliver 400 million pounds of carp heads.[more]

Opinion: The Closing of 63 Sam’s Club Stores Has Big Implications for Small Business

Last week, Wal-Mart announced that it would be closing 63 of its under-performing Sam’s Club stores at various locations throughout the country. While most of the news centered around the thousands of employees that would be affected by the decision, there’s also another significant group of people...[more]

Opinion: How IoT Will Impact the Supply Chain This Year

There has been a lot written about the internet of things (IoT) and how it will affect nearly every global industry — from retail to connected vehicles. [more]

Are You Eating Sustainable Fish? Blockchain May Provide the Answer

Are You Eating Sustainable Fish? Blockchain May Provide the Answer

Eco-conscious diners can rely on restaurants to tell them their fish comes from a sustainable source, but it can be hard to know for sure.[more]

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